• Youths judge a class of lambs at the 2024 State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest.

COLUMBIA, Mo – The 2024 University of Missouri Extension State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest was held Monday, June 3, at the University of Missouri Trowbridge Livestock Center in Columbia. The contest brought together 94 youths from across the state to apply their evaluation and communication skills.

Youths involved with the livestock judging program develop key life skills to aid in their future career success, said Maria Calvert, MU Extension state 4-H agriculture educator.

Through involvement in 4-H judging teams, members must make rapid, logical decisions and defend their decisions via oral reasons, Calvert said. More than half of the participants responded that compared to before participating in this event, they now have more knowledge of identifying visual and genetic characteristics of an animal, comparing their perception of an animal against the ideal, applying what they know about one species of livestock to another, judging classes, using livestock judging terminology and giving reasons, she said.

Participants competed in one of two age divisions: junior (ages 8-13) and senior (ages 14-18).

Top 10 individual competitors, ages 8-10

  • Aubree Sloan, Clinton County
  • Emmett Jeffries, Livingston County
  • Madelyn Thompson, Clinton County
  • Frank Miller, Carroll County
  • Mace Pollard, Shelby County
  • Aria Duwe, Lawrence County
  • Zane Pollard, Shelby County
  • Trenton Nisbett, Laclede County
  • Mya Flora, Jasper County
  • Ella Eckler, Shelby County

Top 10 junior individuals

  • Rance Greiman, Marion County
  • Mathew Yoder, Franklin County
  • Cealy Bedwell, Clinton County
  • Nora McGaugh, Carroll County
  • Rosslyn Gladbach, Linn County
  • Aubree Sloan, Clinton County
  • Scarlett Miller, Carroll County
  • Carlie Kleeman, Clinton County
  • Lane Pollard, Shelby County
  • Laramy Prewitt, Lawrence County

Top five junior teams

  • Clinton County
  • Carroll County
  • Lawrence County
  • Linn County
  • Shelby County

Top 10 senior individuals

  • Ty Murphy, Carroll County
  • Harlee Beck, Livingston County
  • Payton Rodgers, Clinton County
  • Jorja Ebert, Clinton County
  • Paisley Nelson, Clinton County
  • Reagan Rodgers, Clinton County
  • Sam Jordan, Clinton County
  • Beau Graves, Clinton County
  • Nolan Dehn, Clinton County
  • Cass Kleeman, Clinton County

Top five senior teams

  • Clinton County Gold
  • Clinton County Green
  • Livingston County
  • Carroll County
  • Lawrence County

The top three senior teams will represent Missouri at the national level.

Awards were also given for top individuals and teams on specific species and reasons.

Beef cattle

  • Top five junior individuals: Emmett Jeffries, Mathew Yoder, Frank Miller, Isalene Haley and Kade Jackson
  • Top three junior teams: Carroll County, Lawrence County and Linn County
  • Top five senior individuals: Beau Graves, Ty Murphy, Jorja Ebert, Payton Rodgers and Sam Jordan
  • Top three senior teams: Clinton County Gold, Carroll County and Clinton County Green


  • Top five junior individuals: Ella Clark, Aubree Sloan, Mace Pollard, Zane Pollard and Ella Eckler
  • Top three junior teams: Shelby County, Linn County, and Clinton County
  • Top five senior individuals: Ty Murphy, Payeton Rodgers, Reagan Rodgers, Paisley Nelson and Harlee Beck
  • Top three senior teams: Clinton County Gold, Clinton County Green and Livingston County


  • Top five junior individuals: Carlie Kleeman, Lane Pollard, Aubree Sloan, Nora McGaugh and Scarlett Miller
  • Top three junior teams: Clinton County, Carroll County and Shelby County
  • Top five senior individuals: Ty Murphy, Jorja Ebert, Rebecca Hunt, Paisley Nelson, Harlee Beck
  • Top three senior teams: Clinton County Gold, Carroll County, Clinton County Green


  • Top five junior individuals: Cealy Bedwell, Rance Greiman, Aubree Sloan, Colton Nisbett, Carlie Kleeman
  • Top three junior teams: Clinton County, Carroll County, Lawrence County
  • Top five senior individuals: Ty Murphy, Paisley Nelson, Payton Rodgers, Jorja Ebert, Beau Graves
  • Top three senior teams: Clinton County Gold, Carroll County, Livingston County

Programs offered by Missouri 4-H would not be possible without support from our partners. Major support for Missouri 4-H agriculture programs is provided by the Missouri 4-H Foundation in partnership with Ballenger Propane, Corteva Agriscience, FCS Financial, MFA Foundation, Missouri Association of Meat Processors, Missouri Farm Bureau Federation, Missouri Holstein Association, Missouri Soybean Association, National 4-H Council, Safety National, Eunice Campbell and Dr. Robert E. “Bud” Hertzog.

Special award sponsors included BTC Bank, Smithfield Hog Production Division, Merck Animal Health, Trent Tiemann, The Mervyn W. Jenkins Foundation, Julie Mattson, Tom Thompson – The Green Stuff, Hayes-Sloan Show Lambs, Cooper Specialty Feeds, Team Sloan Livestock, Heimer Hampshires, Beck’s Hybrids – Northwest MO, Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers, Missouri Pork Association, Carl Stein, Mid-Missouri Energy, Fair Oaks Farm, Aiden Show Goats, Terrill and Dana Lane, KK Farms Red Angus – Ken and Brenda Keesaman, Chad and Annie Wallace, Don and Jamie Honeycutt, Home Savings and Loan Association of Carroll County, F.A., Consumers Oil and Supply Co., Cameron Cooperative, Nick and Cindy Gerke, Ward Brothers – Jack, MaryAnn, and Carter Ward, Steve and Kathy Curtis, Boddicker Show Lambs, Dotson Hampshires, Curtis Show Pigs, Jerry Reid – American Family Insurance, Passion for Pigs Veterinary Service, Akey Farms – Dale and Joann Akey, and Matthew Grant – Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance.

About 4-H

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Top junior team from Clinton County.

Top senior team from Clinton County (Gold Team) with Wendy Loges, BTC Bank.

Junior top 10 individuals.

Senior top 10 individuals.

Youths judge a class of lambs at the 2024 State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest.

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