• Truman the Tiger
    Truman the Tiger

Missouri families and educators! Truman has something important to share with you. As any loyal fan knows, Mizzou’s mascot, Truman, is a Bengal tiger. Sadly, the number of tigers in the wild has declined sharply over the last century. 

Today, there are fewer than 4,000 tigers left worldwide!

To help conservationists reverse this tragic trend, Truman has teamed up with tiger mascots at fellow land-grant universities: The Tiger at Clemson, Aubie at Auburn and Mike at Louisiana State. The Tigers United University Consortium, started by Clemson University, will help spread awareness about the plight of the wild tiger.

One important step is learning about Truman’s magnificent relatives and the global efforts to save them. The Team Up for Tigers program is a great place to start.

Learn more about the Tigers United University Consortium at

Truman encourages educators of Missouri 4-H’ers and youths everywhere to check out Missouri 4-H’s Global Education resources.

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