• Teen and adult leaders representing county 4-H programs and community betterment groups learn connections between leadership and courage at the Missouri Youth Civic Leaders Summit.
    Teen and adult leaders representing county 4-H programs and community betterment groups learn connections between leadership and courage at the Missouri Youth Civic Leaders Summit.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Almost 160 teens and adults attended the 2018 Missouri Youth Civic Leaders Summit near Camdenton in March. Youth and adult teams gathered from more than 20 county 4-H programs and community betterment groups across Missouri.

Organizers say the goal of this year’s event, themed “The Courage to Lead,” was to inspire leaders of all ages to lead with courage built on a foundation of character and commitment to service.

Carey Portell, motivational speaker from St. James, Mo., shared how personal courage, family commitment and support from the Missouri AgrAbility Project empowered her to triumph over major injuries sustained in a car collision.

Dylan Johnson, lead advance staffer for the Missouri governor’s office, spoke on how youth involvement makes the world better, and how his own involvement in government at a young age led him to a role as the state’s youngest executive staff member.

University of Wisconsin Extension 4-H specialist Neil Klemme and his team showed how communities in the Midwest are using “Youth First Impressions” to gain fresh perspectives and ideas on making towns more inviting to visitors.

Youth leaders Mitchell Moon (Missouri 4-H) and Katelyn Watts (Missouri Community Betterment) encouraged participants to make the most out of leadership opportunities available through their organizations.

Lafayette County 4-H and Missouri Community Betterment youth advisers served as hosts for the weekend, contributing hours of planning and on-site leadership through youth-adult partnerships.

Summiteers explored leadership styles, built teamwork and learned how to plan service-learning projects with guidance from Mizzou Alternative Break leaders from the University of Missouri.

They also attended a youth-led civic forum with elected officials, learned how to support rural broadband access in Missouri and weighed in on why Missouri high school graduates choose to move away from or back to their communities.

Youth and adult teams proposed community action projects for 2018 and took first steps to applying for mini-seed-grant funding to implement their ideas. Participants also teamed up with Windermere Conference Center staff and volunteers to complete on-site service projects, contributing time valued at more than $3,000.

The annual event receives generous sponsorship support from Monsanto Co., Cenex Harvest States Foundation, Missouri Community Betterment and the Missouri 4-H Foundation.


More than 55,000 members strong, Missouri 4-H is an active, dynamic organization of young people who are learning, growing and preparing to be the leaders of today and tomorrow – making a real difference in their community, country and world. 4-H is the youth development program of the University of Missouri and the nation’s Cooperative Extension System. For more information, visit

Established in 1963, Missouri Community Betterment (MCB) is designed to help Missouri communities enhance their quality of life through community development, planning and implementation. MCB lends technical assistance recognizing and awarding communities that excel in the program. For more information, visit

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