October 30th at the Springfield Livestock Marketing Center


When buying a bull, it is important to look at performance and genomics and select bulls that meet your herds needs. One sale that incorporates this information into its sale offering is the 102 nd SW MO All Breeds Performance Tested Bull Sale. This longtime running sale put on by the SW MO Beef Cattle Improvement Association (SWMOBCIA) will be held at the Springfield Livestock Marketing Center in Springfield, MO on October 30 th at 7 p. m.

The sale offering includes 35 Angus bulls, 4 Gelbvieh /Balancer bulls, 1 Shorthorn bull, and 3 Sim Angus/Simmental bulls.  Since expected progeny difference (EPD) is a representation of how the bull’s progeny will perform in a given trait it is an important tool in bull selection.  Therefore, as this sale has been conducted over the years in addition to meeting performance standards, bulls are required to meet certain EPD requirements. Sale bulls are required to have EPD’s that are above average for their breed in three of six EPD categories. The six EPD categories are calving ease direct, weaning weight, yearling weight, milk, marbling, and ribeye area. This ensures buyers can purchase a bull at this sale knowing what they bought has some EPD strengths. Cattle producers may use other EPDs or indexes in cattle herd sire selection, but these six traits are a good starting point in selecting the next herd sire. 

Genomic testing and incorporating that genomic information into the bull’s EPDs gives the cattle producer more confidence that the bull’s progeny will perform as intended by the EPDs. To that extent the bulls that sell in this sale are required to be genomic tested and that information incorporated into their EPD’s. 

Like in the past MU Extension plans to have an educational session and answer questions related to using EPD’s when buying bulls. This session titled “Buying Bulls by the Numbers” will take place prior to the sale at 5:30 p. m. in the sale arena. For more information on the sale and online bidding contact sale manager Phoebe Wiles at 417-293-8002 or by email at livewireauction@gmail.com.