Linda Geist

PALMYRA, Mo. –  The Northeast Missouri Show-Me-Select Bred Heifer Sale at Palmyra’s F&T Livestock Auction May 30 saw a large turnout and active bidding on most lots, according to University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist Daniel Mallory.

Sales receipts topped a quarter million dollars.

The 138 heifers averaged $1,815. The top-selling lot included an AI heifer sold by Terry Mudd of Twin Hill Stock Farm to Chris Buffington for $2,500. Top consignors for the evening were JB Ranch with two head for $2,000 and Harold Trump with six head averaging $1,925.

Two consignors, David Clark and Twin Hill Stock Farm, sold 49 and 34 head and were popular with top buyers. Main buyers for these lots were Curtis Smith, who took home 13 of Clark’s and three from Twin Hill Stock Farm, while John Schaeffer bought eight from Twin Hill Stock Farm.

The AI-bred heifers averaged $1,836, compared to $1,794 for bull-bred heifers.

With AI, breeders have access to top genetics in the breed. The SMS protocols set minimum EPDs (expected progeny differences) for sires used. 

“We had an excellent set of heifers, with quality running deep throughout the sale,” said Mallory. “Producers were pleased with the outcome of the sale, especially considering the current state of the cattle market.”

Repeat buyers continue to be strong supporters of the sale.

The next Show-Me-Select Bred Heifer Sale at F&T Livestock Auction will be Dec. 12.  The heifers in that sale are in the process of being bred. 

Jordan Thomas, MU Extension state beef reproduction specialist, encourages producers still seeking fall-calving heifers to attend the two remaining Show-Me-Select spring sales, scheduled for June 5 in Fruitland and June 12 in Farmington. “This is a program that continues to be a nationally recognized source of high-quality, high-information replacements,” Thomas said

For more details on the MU Extension Show-Me-Select educational program, contact your nearest field specialist in livestock. Information on Show-Me-Select heifers and sales, held spring and fall, is at