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COLUMBIA, Mo. – Women make up 51% of Missouri’s population but only 22% of the state legislature. according to a 2016 report prepared for Women’s Foundation by the University of Missouri Institute of Public Policy,

The latest episode of “Show-Me MO Success,” the MU Business and Communities Extension podcast, continues the conversation from the Feb. 19 podcast on closing the gender gap in civic representation.

Host Luke Dietterle interviews extension and engagement specialists Amber Childers and Jennifer Williams to discuss how they work to help women overcome challenges to taking on leadership roles as public servants. The discussion highlights Show-Me REDI (Representation, Empowerment, Diversity and Inclusion), a new MU Extension initiative to help Missouri women take a seat at the civic table.

“Our class is set up to empower women to step up for public office by giving them the tools they need to find their voice,” says Childers. “It gives them the confidence they need, the mentorships they need and more tools they can use to run for public office or a board or commission.”

MU Extension has programs to benefit Missourians throughout the state. This podcast features faculty members and their clients discussing the impact of these programs on communities and businesses in Missouri. Podcast listeners will hear how to reach out to MU Extension to access resources.

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Sarah Rielley, Senior Coordinator
University of Missouri Extension–Business and Community