• Susan Renoe.MU Extension
    Susan Renoe.MU Extension

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Susan Renoe has been appointed assistant vice chancellor for research, extension and engagement at the University of Missouri.

This new position represents an expanded role for Renoe, who will continue to provide oversight for the MU Connector, a joint unit between the MU Office of Research and MU Extension and Engagement.

In addition to strengthening the university’s impact through reciprocal and sustained relationships between researchers and communities, Renoe will focus on the MU Engagement Council, the Missouri Campus Compact, engaged scholarship at MU and educational programming.

“We are excited about the leadership that Dr. Renoe is providing and believe this new role will help us become the fully engaged university that we should be, said Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement Marshall Stewart. “New engagement strategies enhance our ability to serve Missourians and underline the role that research plays in citizen’s lives.”

The university’s extension mission is no longer about just extending knowledge but also engaging with people and communities, Renoe says. “True engagement involves communication among stakeholders, and it views the community as a collaborative partner rather than a passive recipient of knowledge.”

Prior to creating the MU Connector, Renoe was director of MU’s Broader Impacts Network.  In 2014, she also became principal investigator for the National Science Foundation-funded National Alliance for Broader Impacts.

Renoe earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in anthropology from MU, and a master’s and Ph.D. in education from the University of California-Santa Barbara.