Abstract: The University of Missouri Integrated STEM Internship Program (MU-ISIP) is a 9-week internship experience that helps prepare undergraduates for the workforce or graduate school in four Agriculture, Food and Research Initiative (AFRI) areas:

  • Plant health and production
  • Animal health and production
  • Food safety, nutrition and health
  • Agricultural economics and rural communities

This program helps address the need for the next generation of agriculturalists and food scientists through experiential learning. Additionally, it exposes undergraduates to Extension as a career option.

To learn more about the approach to MU-ISIP and lessons learned during the program’s inception, read the complete Journal of Extension article (PDF) or the research poster (PDF) written by Rebecca Mott, Todd Lorenz, and Jo Britt-Rankin.

For more information, visit the MU-ISIP program website.