Linda Geist

COLUMBIA, Mo. – As winter sets in, gardeners thumb through seed catalogs in anticipation of next year’s gardens.

But not all seed sources are created equal, says University of Missouri Extension horticulturist Katie Kammler.

Choose a reputable source known for disease-free seed, high germination rates and good results, says Kammler. Consider the variety selection, seed treatments and organic versus non-organic.

Missouri’s climate and diverse soils make seed selection an important decision. If you are selling your produce, consider your market and how you might educate buyers on new varieties.

Commercial catalog offerings differ from those in catalogs aimed at the home gardener. Commercial catalogs offer larger quantities, bulk pricing and seed treatments. Catalogs for home gardeners offer smaller quantities that come in packets.

Kammler suggests that gardeners compare prices and varieties, make lists and take inventory of seeds. If you have leftover seed, store it in the refrigerator or freezer in tightly sealed glass containers.

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