SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Neighborhood Bingo does not involve dabbers, a rotating bingo cage, or numbered balls. But it does require a game card created by a University of Missouri Extension specialist for use as a tool for connecting neighbors and families through a fun activity.

Board creator David Burton, a county engagement specialist with University of Missouri Extension and a nationally recognized advocate of neighboring, has a board available online for download and use in your neighborhood. 

Those who complete a Bingo can also submit it to Burton at the MU Extension office in Springfield, Mo, and receive a gift by mail.

"The board has been tested in a couple of neighborhoods already," said Burton. "It seems to work best if you offer some prizes for completed cards and then drawn randomly from the created boards."

Project ideas on the board range from those that require advanced planning to more simple activities. All of the squares are family-friendly and can be completed with social distancing.

A few examples from the Neighborhood Bingo board include: 
•    Use chalk to write notes or quotes of encouragement on neighborhood sidewalks.
•    Hand write and deliver a note of thanks or encouragement to two neighbors.
•    Tell your friends on social media about National Good Neighbor Day at
•    Offer to help a neighbor with something they are working on.
•    Have morning coffee with any neighbor you have not previously visited with

"The whole idea is to create connections for relationships," said Burton. "This idea of neighboring is a process, but it begins by learning the names of your immediate neighbors, using their names, and hosting some social functions. The result can be life-changing for you personally and your overall neighborhood."

The board can be downloaded from Google drive at or contact Burton by email to receive a free PDF copy of the board.


Neighboring is the art and skill of building relationships with the people who live in the closest proximity to you. Being a good neighbor offers tremendous health benefits, leads to reductions in crime, reduces loneliness, improves communities, and improves your quality of life.

University of Missouri Extension is at the forefront of a national movement that recognizes the importance of neighboring in community development. MU Extension is offering classes like "Neighboring 101" and "Becoming an Engaged Neighbor" along with two annual neighboring events as a way to raise awareness and encourage others to focus on neighbors.

To learn more about our "Engaged Neighbor" program or the impact of neighboring, go online to or contact David Burton by email or telephone at (417) 881-8909. "Becoming an Engaged Neighbor" can also be found on Facebook.

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