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COLUMBIA, Mo. – For more than 100 years, University of Missouri Extension has helped businesses and communities throughout the state. “Show-Me MO Success,” a new biweekly podcast hosted by MU Extension specialist Luke Dietterle, shares success stories from across Missouri.

“MU Extension has been there to show the people of Missouri what it takes to lead our neighbors to success by bringing the knowledge of the university to every community,” Dietterle says. “We will talk about multiple issues that concern our social and economic lives and the ways that we can make the most of the opportunities that arise. Topics range from small businesses to thriving neighborhoods, addiction recovery to food insecurity, agriculture to youth development.”

This podcast features faculty members and their clients discussing the impact of their programs on communities and businesses in Missouri. Every two weeks, a new episode will highlight benefits and resources available to Missourians.

Topics of upcoming episodes include

• Empowering workplaces to support people affected by substance abuse.

• Strengthening neighborhoods by focusing on positives over negatives.

• Efforts to increase women’s involvement in civic leadership in Missouri.

• How to improve your small business.

“Show-Me MO Success” is available on Spotify and Amazon Music. Scan the QR code below or go to to listen to ways you can improve your business and community with the help of MU Extension.

Afshan Musani, Marketing Ambassador
University of Missouri Extension–Business and Community