COLUMBIA, Mo. – Members of the Mizzou Collegiate 4-H club have voted to create a statewide Missouri Collegiate 4-H Council. The existing Mizzou Collegiate 4-H organization will be a chapter under the new council.

The creation of the Missouri Collegiate 4-H Council will bring existing Collegiate 4-H clubs in the state together under the leadership of a council comprising representatives from each club, said Sage Eichenburch, Mizzou Collegiate 4-H president. “This new organizational structure will strengthen the ability of Collegiate 4-H to carry out meaningful community service and youth development programs and activities around Missouri,” he said.

Missouri Collegiate 4-H is open to all college students, from freshman to postgraduate students, regardless of prior involvement in 4-H. Students interested in starting a chapter of Collegiate 4-H at their college or university can contact Eichenburch at

Missouri Collegiate 4-H provides college students career development, leadership and personal growth opportunities in youth development, said Lupita Fabregas, director of the University of Missouri Extension 4-H Center for Youth Development. By bringing existing clubs under the leadership of one body, she said, Missouri Collegiate 4-H seeks to create a network of college students across the state.

“The growth of Collegiate 4-H in Missouri will allow us to continue our strong connection with 4-H alumni, who are leaders making a difference in our state,” Fabregas said. “We need all alumni to keep supporting our program.”

About 4-H

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