ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Missouri is stronger when its communities are vibrant and healthy, but people can struggle to find information and programs designed to help build those vibrant communities, says Claire Rippel, University of Missouri Extension community development education director.

MU Extension is a key partner in Missouri Community LAB, an online hub for residents and professionals to easily access courses designed to build strong, whole neighborhoods and towns, Rippel said. “LAB” stands for “Learn, Act and Build.”

MO Community LAB offers:

  • Access to courses on real estate, organizing, nonprofit governance and more.
  • Programs that provide vital community development knowledge.
  • Connections for neighborhood leaders working to elevate their communities and have a voice in civic decision-making.
  • Support for residents seeking to make the changes they envision for their communities.

LAB aims to increase participation in the community-building process by supporting all in the quest to build strong, whole communities, Rippel said. Search for courses that fit your community-building goals at

For questions or to submit trainings to be listed on LAB, contact