COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Missouri 4-H Foundation is awarding 70 scholarships totaling $95,000 to Missouri 4-H youths to help further their educations.

“We are thrilled to support these exceptional young people as they continue their educational journeys,” said Rachel Augustine, director of the Missouri 4-H Foundation. “Their dedication to 4-H and their communities is inspiring, and we are confident they will continue to achieve great things in their future endeavors.”

The 2024 scholarship recipients have demonstrated exceptional leadership, community service and academic achievements, said Augustine. These scholarships will assist them in pursuing degrees in fields such as agriculture, science, technology, engineering, math and more.

“These scholarships are more than just financial assistance; it’s a recognition of the hard work and dedication of our 4-H members,” said Lupita Fabregas, senior program director of the University of Missouri Extension 4-H Center for Youth Development. “We are proud of our 4-H youth and grateful to the Foundation and its donors for investing in the future leaders of our state and nation.”

A gift to the Missouri 4-H Foundation Scholarship Fund will help ensure more young people have an opportunity to attend college and reach their full potential. To make a gift, visit

E. C. Adams Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Carissa Caple

Jason Barnes Memorial 4-H Equine Scholarship

  • Clara Lackman

Keith Boyer Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Andi Belt

Burch Scholarship

  • Rachel Ancell
  • Emma Baepler
  • Kara Bastion
  • Sonya Grotjan
  • Sydney Stundebeck

Camp Ca-Pow First Generation Scholarship

  • Preslee Bower

4-H Day With the St. Louis Cardinals Scholarship Fund

  • Sophia Bello
  • Tucker Robnett

Beverly Coberly 4-H Youth Futures Scholarship

  • Ashlyn West

Terry Cole Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Clayton Wilson

Crawford 4-H Scholarship

  • Anna Ahrens

Crowley Family 4-H Sheep Scholarship

  • Maddy McDowell

Cecil and Bina Davis 4-H Scholarship

  • Keon Engeman

Janelle Downing Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Nicole Benne

FCS Financial 4-H Youth Futures Scholarship

  • Lillian Allen
  • William Friley

Dennis E. Gallup Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Tyler Baer
  • Ashlynn Ball
  • Lynn Dyer
  • Dayton Hoffman
  • Kadin Houf
  • Jenna Keffer
  • Bryce Kittle
  • Taya Lenz
  • Chase Schlup
  • Macy Stauffer
  • Shea Stille
  • Jaylynn Zerr

Goppert Foundation 4-H Scholarship

  • Kerrick Adkins
  • Mary Beth Adkins
  • Zoe Engelbrecht
  • Evan Miller
  • Annika Riekhof

Harrington Family 4-H Youth Futures Scholarship

  • Andrew Shelton

B. W. Harrison Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Dylan Aufdenberg
  • Taylor Muench

Robert and Berneice Hartley and Family 4-H Scholarship

  • Levi Anderson

Don and Melva Henderson 4-H Scholarship

  • Abigail Eddy

Jackson County 4-H Foundation Scholarship

  • Maranatha Blum
  • Alexander Grider
  • Caleb Johnson
  • Abigail McNeil
  • Elise Miesner
  • Elizabeth Ravasini
  • Katelyn Ravasini
  • Morgan Watkins

Jasper County 4-H Scholarship

  • Brett Rockers

Ruth and Jim Mellor 4-H Scholarship

  • Alivia Zeier

Miller Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Alaina Loman

K. P. and Frances Morris Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Clara Wallace

Earl and Shari Beth Niemeyer Pike County 4-H Scholarship

  • Hannah Akers

Robert and Anna Noland Family 4-H Scholarship

  • Larissa Larrick

Lonnie Norcross Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Bailey Carter

Fred Oehring 4-H Scholarship

  • Nadine Schmitz

Zachary Parsons Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Isabella Vernetti

Charles and Marily Rosenkrans 4-H Scholarship

  • Lillian Waddell

Warren and Betty Sapp 4-H Scholarship

  • Jack Dunard

Fowler and Viola Smith Young Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Madison McCord

Joyce and Dick Taylor 4-H Scholarship

  • Tysen Wilson

Mary Evelyn Thurman Memorial 4-H Scholarship

  • Wesley McGinnis

Cordell W. Tindall Scholarship

  • Doralynn Lee

Dr. Marla Tobin 4-H Scholarship

  • Marissa Heins

Tofle-Brent-Stumpe Family 4-H Scholarship

  • Jessie Tovo

Nelson Trickey 4-H Bridge Builder Scholarship

  • Ethan Vanderwert

Waldo and Mary Belle Turner 4-H Scholarship

  • Beth Bextermiller
  • Abby Jones
  • Courtney Dilport

About Missouri 4-H

Missouri 4-H grows today’s youth and prepares tomorrow’s leaders. With a blend of time-tested traditions and innovative hands-on learning, Missouri youth explore and find their spark in programs ranging from agriculture and conservation to aerospace and career development. Through clubs, programs, camps, in-school and after-school experiences, University of Missouri Extension faculty, staff and thousands of volunteers guide youth in developing essential skills, building confidence and fostering connections. Together, they inspire young people to make a real difference in their communities, their country and the world. To learn more about Missouri 4-H, visit

About the Missouri 4-H Foundation

The Missouri 4-H Foundation is the independent philanthropic partner of the University of Missouri Extension 4-H Center for Youth Development. For 75 years, the foundation has secured and managed funds for Missouri 4-H, providing higher education scholarships, recognizing 4-H volunteers and supporting the work of MU Extension 4-H. Learn more at

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