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University of Missouri Extension hosted its first Land-Grant Society reception this April to honor donors to MU Extension and the Missouri 4-H Foundation.

The event recognized 19 individuals and couples who attended, as well as the more than 70 donors currently eligible for Land-Grant Society membership.

James Preston, chief development officer for MU Extension, said the Land-Grant Society was established in 2021 as a way of expanding awareness about the role of philanthropy in supporting MUExtension and Missouri 4-H.

"A society that appropriately recognizes donors will help encourage others and build this culture of giving," Preston said.

Land-Grant Society members give to important programs that benefit all of Missouri — programs such as 4-H youth development, food and nutrition and community health initiatives. This support not only benefits current programs but is an important investment in the future.

"The gifts of one donor recognized this year created an internship program for former 4-H members to serve as interns for the Boone County 4-H program. Internship experiences with 4-H may encourage college students to consider careers in 4-H and MU Extension," Preston said.

With the help of Land-Grant Society members, 4-H can continue to do amazing work throughout Missouri, said Missouri 4-H Foundation Director Rachel Augustine, who has seen the impact firsthand.

"The Society is really a meaningful way to engage and recognize those donors, some of whom are also 4-H Foundation trustees. They have given so much of themselves either as donors or volunteers," Augustine said.

Youth development, programs, scholarships and county outreach continue to thrive through 4-H and MU Extension. The Land-Grant Society highlights with gratitude the work that donors and their generous giving makes possible for all Missourians.

If you are interested in learning more about Land-Grant Society membership, please visit the MU Land-Grant Society page. You may also contact Rachel Augustine.



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Watch Land-Grant Society highlights donor impact on MU Extension and 4-H on YouTube.

Land-Grant Society highlights donor impact

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