Remember, college is an experience!

You graduated from high school and in the fall you will be a first year student in college. This means new places, new people, and new routines. This change of scenery can be both exciting and intimidating. Whether you're attending a community college, university, or trade school, the BEST way to deal with all the change is to GET INVOLVED! While we're not saying that you should go out and join every club, it is important to explore your interests and try new things.

Why Get Involved?

Getting involved on campus can help you transition and feel like a part of the campus community. If you don't want to take our word for it, here are five reasons to get involved from US News & World Report:

  1. You feel connected to your school: Colleges have tons of resources that you may miss out on if you aren't involved!
  2. Helps build community: Another way to be connected. Since you're leaving family and friends, being involved can help you create a home away from home.
  3. Helps you discover passions and strengths: Colleges have a lot more leeway for you to explore what interests you and help you make your mark!
  4. It's a resume builder: You go to college to prepare you for working in the real world, students who are active and involved look good on paper and can make the most impact in the workforce.
  5. Sometimes, busy kids do better: You're building a community and more importantly, a support system for yourself! Students who get involved are also more likely to stay in school and work hard to make sure they succeed!

Parlaying HS Interests to College

Maybe you were super active in student council while in high school, or led your pep squad with the loudest cheers. If you can think of a group or activity that you were interested in high school, you can bet that most colleges will have an equivalent and then some.

Greek Life

Greek life is one type of involvement that is unique to college campuses. Chances are you've heard of Greek organizations in passing (think Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Chi, Kappa Delta, Pike, etc.). Chances are even better you've seen them in the context of partying and similar situations. While it is true that Greek life is comprised mostly of social organizations, the reality can be wildly different from what is seen on TV. Many Greek organizations have higher GPA's than campus averages, are active in philanthropic organizations, and are often more a collection of students with similar backgrounds and interests as opposed to party animals. One major thing to consider about Greek life is the additional cost. It costs to be a part of these organizations and those costs are separate from the tuition and fees you are already paying for school. With that in mind, Greek life is a great way to get involved and immediately have a network of hundreds of people with something in common with you!

Special Causes/Orgs.

Greek life may not be for you, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get involved in something. Colleges (especially the bigger ones) are full of organizations that are dedicated to a wide variety of interests. These can range from specific interest groups such as LGBTQ+ resources, Multicultural student unions, and religious orgs. to ones focused more on extracurricular interests. Interested in Live Action Roleplay (LARPing)? That's a thing. Relay for Life? Got it. Ukrainian Students Association? Maybe not that one, but a great thing about college is that often you can get a group of friends together with a similar passion and make it a reality!

So if you have something you want to be involved in, don't hold back! Do some research and get out there and get active in your campus community!