conference participants practice sutureParticipants of the 4th Annual Advanced Practice Assessment and Skill Workshop practice a running suture.

Each March, MU Nursing Outreach teams up with the DNP program faculty to host the Advanced Practice Assessment and Skills workshop to enhance the knowledge and skills of advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) to assess, manage and treat individuals presenting with commonly recurring disorders throughout the lifespan. Hands-on workshops for basic and advanced suturing are highlights of this event since many APRNs are not afforded this opportunity in their academic program.

The workshops consist of a review of basic skin anatomy, the etiology of wounds, major factors affecting wound healing, appropriate wound anesthesia, cleansing methods and indications for various wound repair techniques. After a live demonstration by the nursing professors, each participant receives guided instruction as they practice and perform basic and advanced wound repair techniques including basic various types of sutures, techniques for suturing, adhesive, and staple insertion and removal.

The photos and video clips show DNP students and practicing APRNs as they learn suturing techniques and share their impressions of the learning experience.

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conference participant attempts sutureConference participant attempts a suture; participants are allowed sufficient time and materials to become familiar with each suture technique.

Conference participant practive a field blockWhile participants practice, faculty including presenter Laura Kuensting, circulate among the tables to answer questions and provide guidance after each technique is demonstrated. Screens in each corner provide participants with close observation of technique.

Conference participant practive a field blockConference participants and students had the opportunity to practice a field block with incision and drainage of an abscess containing (rice) loculations.