Endowments are funds that are restricted for a specific purpose and managed in such a way that the principal gift remains intact forever. They act as a self-sustaining source of funding by earning interest and intentionally not paying out the entire fund balance.

Endowment basics

An endowment gift of $50,000 will initially provide approximately $2,000 in annual funding for its designated purpose. The minimum amount necessary to establish an endowment with the Missouri 4-H Foundation is $10,000. Endowments may be restricted for a specific purpose, however, the goal is to ensure the purpose is broad enough that it may be awarded in perpetuity. Endowments may be funded upfront with a single gift or a multi-year pledge, or they may be established as part of an estate gift.

Missouri 4-H Foundation named endowments

Endowments may be named as a tribute in honor of someone living, or in memory of someone that has died. If you would like to learn more about establishing a named endowment to provide ongoing support for an MU Extension program or award, please contact Rachel Augustine, Sr. Director of Advancement for MU Extension and the Missouri 4-H Foundation.

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