The Weekly Crop Scouting Update informs producers of pest threats in wheat, corn, soybeans, milo and fescue pasture; major threats occurring in other forages or row crops, are also reported. Subscribing producers receive a weekly report via email containing research-based information on: environmental issues, nutrient deficiencies, pest threshold level, pest description, damage description and pest control options and pictures. This information is sent to local media the following week. The traditional 2-minute recording will not be sent out this year. Fields in Barton County and surrounding counties are physically scouted each week; the report is based on those observations. Usually, all subscribers, have their field checked once, and are contacted to let them know the report is based on observations in their field that week. Weekly reports occur April to September; October through March, monthly updates are sent. Cost is thirty-five dollars per year. Call 417-682-3579 to speak with Agronomist Micah Doubledee for more information. Registrants can either register online or pay cash/check to the Barton County Extension Office (801 E. 12th Street Lamar, MO 64759) to join the list of participants.