Addiction (Substance Use Disorders) are a major public health concern in the United States. Nearly 43 million Americans 12 years of age or older are affected by this treatable, chronic medical disease. Approximately 23 million are in recovery and another 20 million are in active addiction.

Participants will learn about the disease of addiction by looking at how the brain is affected from substances such as drugs and alcohol. The course will review causes and risk factors for developing substance use disorder and how, through brain neuroplasticity and treatment and recovery, the brain can change / reset.

Pre-registration is required by 06/26/2024 by 1:00 pm.  

To register for the class, or for more details, contact the Gentry County Extension Office at 660-726-5610 or visit the office in person. 

This class is provided at no cost to you. 

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