We are seeking families in the City of Republic that are willing to host a party or gathering for their neighbors. Maybe this is a driveway party for people living behind the eight closest front doors to their driveway. Or, perhaps it is a gathering for everyone on their street. Either one counts as a block party and the city of Repubic has a goal to see 500 block parties happen in 2024.

But the only why this will happen is if residents step-up and take action to connect with their neighbors!

A healthy community has civically engaged residents and residents who are connected and building healthy neighborhoods. This is your chance to start building that social capital and connectedness in the city of Republic.

We are asking that block parties or gatherings be scheduled between March 1 and Nov. 22.

Registering your block party will help us track our success toward our goal of 500 block parties in Republic. 

Registering will also give us contact information for neighborhood leaders to communicate information about the effort, and offer advice and assistance. The first email you will receive from us include suggestions of how to host a successful block party.

At different times, there may be sponsors or grants that a host could take advantage of in their neighborhood. But if we don't know about your event, and have your contract information, we cannot communicate with you about that opportunity.

Cost: Free

Contact: David Burton, burtond@missouri.edu, 417-881-8909

City of Republic
Republic Parks and Rec