This on-demand session will cover:

  • Steps to creating a social media plan 
  • Designing social media posts (using Canva) 
  • Ways to get your social media posts noticed: 
  • Importance of images and videos 
  • Importance of using hashtags 
  • Sharing to personal profile 
  • Tagging customers 
  • Getting customers to “Follow” profile 
  • How to use AI to help with the creative process of social media post development 
  • Best timing and consistency of social media posting 
  • How to schedule future Facebook posts using Meta Business Suite 

Requirements for joining the class:
Business owner must have a personal Facebook profile and must have created a working/functional Business Page/Profile connected and created through that personal Facebook profile. If the business owner does not have a properly working Business Page/Profile, I will not have time to help them “figure it out”.

FYI: Please disregard the start date and time for this training. The training video will be available on demand, allowing you to access it whenever your schedule permits. Two training handouts and the training's video link will be accessible to you upon purchase. 

Register here:

Registration deadline: 6/30/2024 11:59 PM