In this workshop on Introduction to Hydroponics, participants will learn about different hydroponic systems, nutrient solution, lighting, crops grown, when to harvest, and much more. Each participant will receive a Deep Water Culture unit to take home and get started growing plants hydroponically. Participants need to purchase their own light to use with this unit.  

The workshop will be held at the Hundley-Whaley Extension and Education Center, 1109  S Birch, Albany, MO.  It is limited to the first 30 people to register. 

Register online or in-person at the Hundley-Whaley Extension Center (660)726-5610.  

Contact Gwen Funk for more information:, (816)261-6595 (mobile), (660) 582-8101 (office)

Please register by May 15, 2024 so hydroponic supplies can be ordered and available at the workshop.

Cost: $50