Coaching can close the gap between acceptable and superior performance. Attend this seminar to learn the skills that professional coaches use to cultivate responsibility, innovation, energy, and commitment. This seminar will equip you with coaching and mentoring methods that will transform a team or individual to new heights of improved performance. In addition, you also will learn how to deal with confronting problem employees.

Key Information:

Creating a Climate for Success

  • Improve performance through training and coaching
  • How to develop mentoring relationships
  • Building self-esteem
  • Characteristics of a great employee coach
  • Coaching as a two-way process

How to Be a Championship Coach

  • Strategies for increasing employee commitment
  • Involve employees in decision making
  • Reinforce learning on the job
  • The challenges and criticisms involved in coaching
  • Tapping into employees’ individual strengths
  • Coaching versus directing
  • Increase job satisfaction and work output
  • Inform, delegate, and motivate to achieve your objectives
  • Learn how to get valuable feedback from your team

Learn How to Motivate through the What / Why / How Process

  • Learn how to provide clear expectations and feedback
  • Conduct in-class interactive feedback sessions to “difficult employees”
  • Take home a job aid that makes every future progressive discipline conversation EASY!
  • Understand how to overcome your fear of providing constructive feedback

Cost: $279 per person

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