The best gift we can give our kids is to empower them with skills that will last for a lifetime. At 4-H camp kids learn critical life skills like resilience and independence. If we want our kids to be able to bounce back from adversity, stress, challenges and failures, teaching them resilience is key. Having experiences outside their comfort zones help young people become more resilient, more independents and better able to plan and reach their long-term goals. 4-H Camp at Crowder State Park is a long standing tradition for 4-H families in Northern Missouri. 

Youth have the opportunity to stretch their horizons, meet new people, breathe fresh air, sing silly songs, share in camp responsibilities, crawl into a sleeping bag, laugh with friends, learn something new, try something out of the ordinary, be independent, create a skit, play outdoors, and much more. 4-H Camp — be part of it this summer! 

Our campers are 4-H ages 8-13. (As of January 1, 2024)

Eligible youth will register via 4-HOnline.

Cost: $130

Contact: Becky Simpson,, 660-663-3300