Each year we have opportunities to recruit new council members to join County Councils. Once nominees are approved by the council, elections are held every January. Election dates for Vernon County are:

  • December — Select nominees, at least two for each elected position and secure nominee’s approval with Dec. 1, 2023, as the deadline to receive nominations. Provide public notice of nominees (Section 262.620) “not more than 50 days or less than 30 days” per state statutes (Section 262.577). Notification was published in the Nevada Daily News publication on Dec. 12, 2023.
  • January — Announce dates/times for voting. Voting will be open on the Vernon County Council webpages from Jan. 14–20, 2024.
  • February — Notify elected and appointed members of date, time and place of the Annual Council Meeting. Term for newly elected Council Members begins Feb. 1, 2024. Hold Annual Council Meeting to organize governance, elect council officers and set dates of council meetings. All council officers of the council shall within five (5) days after their election, take and sign the usual oath of public office, which shall be filed with the county clerk. (Section 262.583.2 and 262.583.3) This may be done at the annual meeting. The first Council Meeting will take place on Feb. 12, 2024.