Become a council member — A unique opportunity

If you live in Stoddard County, we invite you to become a nominee for the University of Missouri Extension Council in Stoddard County. We appreciate your efforts to be in tune with your community, have your community's best interests at heart and open the doors of opportunity for Stoddard County residents through University of Missouri Extension.

As a member of one of the Stoddard County Extension Council, you can put any issue, interest or concern on the county's educational agenda. State laws confer this right to extension councils.

County extension council members and MU Extension faculty act as educational brokers, putting the interests and concerns of local people together with the resources of our land-grant university so people can obtain their goals. Throughout Missouri, extension councils and MU Extension professionals have identified an array of issues and have found ways University facilities and people can help.

Because extension councils, through federal and state laws, have a legal foundation for operation and a working partnership with MU Extension, the variety and scope of educational programs are nearly unlimited.

We believe in what we do and it shows in our history, in our programs, and most importantly, in the people we serve.