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As America’s largest youth development organization, 4-H offers youth, families, and adult volunteers of all ages many ways to engage, grow and serve through clubs, camps, contests, conferences, special interest groups, in-school and after school programs, and more! It’s about young people making new friends and memories while preparing to be future leaders. Platte County 4-H has a diverse community of youth building life skills, contributing to their community and becoming college and career ready.

4-H Community Clubs offer long-term educational experiences in which members learn life skills such as decision making, public speaking and working with others. Members learn by doing under the guidance of adult volunteers, who teach projects ranging from computers science and arts to animal science and healthy living. Clubs also involve youth in community service, camping, and educational trips.

SPecial INterest Clubs focus on a specific topic led by an adult and youth expert in the field. Meet for a set period (e.g. weekly or bi-weekly for 6-8 weeks).  Can elect officers and plan learning activities with options of public speaking, community service and links to career readiness.  Partnership with local organizations like Northland Career Center, provide a variety of SPIN Clubs to Platte County R3 School District and area students.  For more information go to

4-H In-School and Afterschool Clubs provide extraordinary learning opportunities to school-age youth in urban, suburban and rural communities. 4-H In-School & Afterschool is designed to combine the resources of 4-H and the University of Missouri Extension System with schools and community-based organizations that provide after-school programs that address community needs.

4-H SNAC program provides youth ages 5-18 the opportunity to engage in healthy living advocacy, peer mentorship, and hands-on nutrition, cooking, physical activity, and leadership education in before, during and after-school programs.  By forming a 4-H SNAC Club at your school, youth will gain skills in these areas to help them live healthier lives and receive assistance with the plan and implementation of an initiative to make changes in their own home, school, or larger community. These club projects can include, but are not limited to, proposed policy changes, such as snack guidelines in school; educational presentations for the community; or efforts to increase the availability of healthy items in a food pantry. Contact a 4-H Staff to inquire how a 4-H SNAC program be implemented in your learning environment.

Contact local 4-H staff


2021 Project scholarships available

Do you want to present a project at the county fair? Project scholarships are available in 2021 for both kids and leaders. A new scholarship opportunity is available for any youth participant or adult volunteer of the University of Missouri Extension, Platte County 4-H, for the amount or up to:

  • $200 4-H Project Fund
  • $50 4-H Program/Event Registration
  • $20 State 4-H Enrollment Dues
  • $5 Platte County 4-H Dues
  • $400 4-H Club Leader and Project Leader Fund

Apply as a youth, club, or project group for one of these scholarships listed above. This scholarship is available to multiple applicants until funds run out. Check out the details and apply using our sholarship form (PDF). Submit the completed application via email to [email protected] and [email protected]. Contact your 4-H staff via email or call 816-270-2141 or 816-243-1357 for assistance if needed.

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    Responsibilities for a countywide project

    As a responsible Platte County 4-Her, I understand that projects led on a countywide basis are special opportunities to learn.

    I understand and accept the special responsibilities relating to this countywide project group.

    I understand that volunteer leaders set the schedule, and it is my responsibility to attend and participate if I have enrolled with them.

    To enroll in countywide projects, I understand:

    • I must directly contact the project leader to get enrolled with them before project begins
    • I must put the project code on my enrollment form
    • I must be a member in good standing to participate in countywide projects, shows, or fair.(attend majority of club and project meetings)

    My responsibility as a member of a countywide project:

    • Attend a majority of project meetings; project leaders will not remind members, unless there is a change.
    • Contact volunteer leader directly if unable to participate or will miss a meeting.
    • Get my own supplies or reimburse project leader as arranged.
    • Work on projects at home; I realize that NOT all work will be done at project meetings.
    • Help set-up and/or clean-up after each meeting.
    • Give project reports at my club meetings.
    • Exhibit at the county fair in this project.
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    Platte County 4-H Community Clubs

    4-H clubs are open to ages 8 to 18. Clubs meet throughout the year for group activities and club business. Each club elects’ officers and has an approved adult leader who supervises club activities. Club members also enroll in projects in their areas of interest.

    With projects on more than 75 topics, 4-H has something to interest every child. Here are just a few of the opportunities 4-H offers—geocaching, robotics, international exchanges, horsemanship, pets, starting a business, arts and crafts, raising animals, woodworking, photography and gardening. Check with your local County Extension office for county wide project offerings.  If a project leader isn’t found easily found, often family members become the leader.  Projects materials are available for most projects.

    Platte City/Smithville Area — Hoover Heroes Second Tuesday of each month. For current meeting location, date and time please contact, leaders: Kristen Whiteley, 816-522-5170,
    Kristen Marshall, 816-769-3875, Cortney Malter,

    Park Hill Area — Platte County Park Rangers Second Monday of each month. For current meeting location, date and time please contact, leader: Lisa Sevick, 816-695-0442

    North Platte Area — Lady Bugs and Beetles Second Monday of each month, 7:00 p.m. For current meeting location, date and time please contact, leader:  Jennifer Dehn, 816-769-0398

    Platte City/West Platte Area — Farley Jolly Workers Second Tuesday of each month. For current meeting location, date and time please contact, leader: Laura Mullen, 816-536-7577, Tracy Carlson

    4-H Virtual Club a community club that meets virtually. Please contact, leader: Maggie Curtin 808-342-6175 for meeting times.

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    Clover Kids

    Clover Kids introduces 5- to 7-year-olds to the 4-H experience. In Clover Kids, children learn how to get along with others, work in groups, explore their interests, while building self-confidence. Clover Kids do not enroll in projects or raise animals, and do not participate in competitive events, contests or shows.

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    How to join

    Joining 4-H is as easy as contacting the extension center. A staff member will explain the enrollment process and membership dues. In addition to dues, some projects may require a small investment to get started, and there may be a fee for materials, trips or other activities.

    Young people are welcome to join at any time. The 4-H program year runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30. Certain activities may have participation deadlines.

    Contact Platte County Extension Center

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    Be a 4-H volunteer

    Adult volunteers are essential to 4-H. Adult volunteers serve as club or project leaders, help with county or regional events, chair committees and organize fund raisers. You don't have to be a parent or grandparent of the 4-H member to get involved. All volunteers are screened for child abuse and neglect, as well criminal records, before they are accepted and each year thereafter. As a volunteer, University of Missouri Extension will provide you with training so you will be well-prepared and successful as an adult leader. The orientation includes information on 4-H history and the educational framework, the characteristics of age groups, character development and safety.

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