There are multiple options for youth to choose from when enrolling in the 4-H program! Those options include the following:

  • 4-H Community Club
  • 4-H Special Interest (SPIN) Club
  • 4-H Independent/Individual Membership
  • 4-H In-School Club
  • 4-H After School Club

For a more detailed description, please review the University of Missouri Extension 4-H Clover or contact your local 4-H staff member.

McDonald County Community Clubs

Busy Bees 4-H Club meets second Monday of every month.
Club leader: Brandie Mathews, 417-621-5633; Co-Leader: Sandra Steinle, 417-437-9385

Bullseye Shooting Sports 4-H Club meets multiple times per month for practice and/or a business meeting.*
County Coordinator/Club Leader: Kellsey Alger, 417-389-0455

Cornerstone 4-H Club meets in Southwest City on the first Monday of every month.*
Club leader: Ronda Holly, 417-592-1789; Co-Leader: Misty Reece, 417-669-4939

Crossroads 4-H Club meets at the Crossroads Baptist Church on the second Saturday of every month.*
Club leader: Sylvia Garnett, 417-894-5288

Splitlog 4-H Club meets at Splitlog Baptist Church on the second Monday of every month.*
Club leader: Jennifer Keaton, 417-627-2537

Versatile Ventures 4-H Club meets rotationally between club members’ houses on the third Monday of every month.*
Club leader: Julie Hilton, 417-355-3679

*Please contact the club leader in advance to ensure the meeting location and date have not changed.

McDonald County In-School Clubs

Noel Primary Tigers 4-H Club at Noel Primary School.
Club leader: Dene’e Jones

Red Bird 4-H Club at Anderson Elementary School.
Club leader: Youth Program Associate (YPA)