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We invite you to support University of Missouri Extension in Knox County.

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For more than a century, University of Missouri Extension has connected the people of Missouri with their university. We have applied university-generated resources and research to improve the lives, communities and businesses of millions of Missourians.

We invite you to invest in Missouri’s future with us.

County gift funds and endowments

Join us in our mission by becoming a supporter of University of Missouri Extension in your county.

We are doing great things, but we need your help in order to continue! MU Extension utilizes programming to address current educational needs and emerging community needs. These emerging needs include an abundant and safe food supply, profitable plant and animal production systems, youth and family development, and improved community economic wealth and health. Thousands of adults and youth benefit from programs such as nutrition classes; economic and community development; 4‑H’s “learn-by-doing” projects, activities and camps; and The Master Gardener Volunteer Help Line.

Help us sustain our mission by giving to the gift fund or to the endowment fund, if available. Your endowment gift helps provide sustaining support for addressing economic opportunity, educational access and excellence, and health and well-being for the benefit of all the citizens in the county.

MU Extension has been meeting the needs of Missouri counties since 1914. By joining and becoming a supporter, you’ll help strengthen these important programs today. Thank you for becoming a supporter of MU Extension!

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Rachel Augustine

Senior Director of Advancement, MU Extension and Missouri 4-H Foundation

For gifts to MU Extension and Missouri 4-H
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A donor recognition society for MU Extension as a tribute to both our history and the impact of philanthropy
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Giving to MU Extension
Generosity comes in many forms and giving is often the best way to support what matters most to you in your life. When you give to MU Extension, you help us make a lasting impact on Missouri. Start here by learning how the different ways you give may benefit you.