Are you interested in having someone speak to your group? Here are some of the presentations and speakers we have available.


bee on flower

The 3 "P" - plants, pollination, and pollinators: Join in the history of our first known plants, and how plants have evolved to attract pollinators. Learn what is pollination and what plants attract pollinators, as well as ways to help save our pollinators.


Garden designs for Pollinators, Wildlife, and Other Beneficial Insects: Learn ways to design, know the difference between pollinator and wildlife gardens, and the basic needs for these gardens, understand our beneficial insects and predators, create a sun study, and plant selection.

butterfly on flower

Life of the Monarch Butterfly: Learn about the Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly, what happens inside of a chrysalis, migration and its secret, host and nectar plants, and how we can help the monarch.