4-H members from any club can belong to county-wide projects. To become a member of a county-wide project a member should follow these three steps:

  1. Contact the project leader to let him/her know that you want to join the project group.
  2. Contact your Club Leader and let him/her know that you have enrolled in the county-wide project.
  3. Enroll in the project on 4-HOnline - there is no special listing in the online enrollment site for a county-wide project. You will just enroll in the project by name. Example: If you wish to enroll county-wide beekeeping, you will select "beekeeping" from the list of projects in 4-H Online.

A member can join a county-wide project even if they have already enrolled. Just follow the steps above and log in to your 4-H Online account and edit your listing to add the project.

Below are county-wide projects offered. Check future newsletters and the Franklin County 4-H web page for additional projects.


Aaron Lackman
Bugeye Technologies
7 Progress Parkway
Union, MO 63084

Contact the Extension Office to sign up


Walter Conner
8986 Little Indian Creek Road, Lonedell, MO 63060

  • Beekeeping (spring and summer meetings)
  • Forestry/Foods (maple syrup) – Weekends in January and February

Call the Extension office to sign up.

Biking, Hiking, Sewing, Arts & Crafts, Gardening, Communications, Cats, Quilting, Poultry

Linda Becker
1457 Clearview Road
Union, MO 63084

Meetings: Days off school/Flexible scheduling

Clover Kids (Franklin County Clover Kids SPIN Club)

Leader - Tricia Tune

Assistant Leader - Michele Norris

Meeting dates: First Sunday of each month, starting Nov. 1 at Franklin County Family Resource Center, 500 Clark Avenue, Union

Computer Programming

300 Main Street, Union

Meetings: After school, days in January

Call the Extension Office to sign up.

Floral Design (Floriculture 1, 2, 3)

Amy Elbert
Four Mile Road, Washington

Ages 12 and up only.

Horse and Horseless Knowledge

Kathleen Roberts

Meetings: November, March, April, May (weather permitting)

Interstate Exchange (Global Education)

Doris Koch

Monthly meetings starting in September

Two-year commitment (Began fall 2023)

Meats: Williams Bros. Bacon Class

Matt and Debbie Brinker
Steve Williams

Meetings will be held on Saturdays in January and June at Williams Bros. Meat Market in Washington. Dates to be determined.

Call the Extension office to sign up.


Ryan Pendleton Photography
44 Fernwood Drive
Union, MO 63084

Meetings: Sunday afternoons. Time of year varies.

Contact the Extension office to sign up


Lee Kassebaum
8988 Hwy YY
Leslie, MO 63056
(closer to New Haven than Leslie)


Rob Knoll/Adam Holt
American Welding Academy
3 Progress Parkway
Union, MO 63084

Meetings: Two-day summer course

Contact the Extension office to sign up (limited availability).

Ages 12 and up only.

Project add-on experiences/Field trips

These would count as a bonus meeting if already enrolled in cake decorating, gardening, landscape design, floriculture, or geology. Let your project leader know that you attended the experience for additional hours towards that project.