The Clinton County Master Gardeners meet the third Tuesday of the month at the Clinton County Youth building, 251 E. 116 Highway, Plattsburg, MO.

Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who provide research-based information and organize gardening projects in the community. For more information about the Master Gardener programs in Clinton County, please call the Clinton County Extension Office at 816-933-2138, Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or email

Officer duties and responsibilities

President: In conjunction with the Master Gardener Coordinator, will call all general meetings, set the agenda and notify the membership in due time.

  • Will chair all general meetings and executive council meetings.

Vice President

  • Will serve as president pro-tem in the absence of the president
  • Will keep track of designated activities and service projects of the organization.


  • Will take the minutes and attendance at all general meetings and Executive Council meetings. All minutes and attendance will be open to all members and the Master Gardener Coordinator at all times.
  • Will keep a current roster of membership.
  • Will see that official correspondence of the organization is issued in a timely manner.


  • Will receive and disburse the funds of the organization and keep the records of all transactions. All funds received by the organization shall be deposited in the Master Gardener Account of the Clinton County Extension Office. All withdrawals from such account shall be made only after the approval of a simple majority of the members present at a general meeting.
  • Will present a financial report at each business meeting of the general membership and the Executive Council.

Project Committee

Duties of this committee are to identify and coordinate what projects the MGs are to be involved in.

Education Committee

Duties of this committee are to schedule educational programs for the MGs. Examples: speakers at regular meetings or field trips.

Social Committee

Duties of this committee are to schedule any social events for MGs. Example: meetings outside of the normal time and place.

Fundraising Committee

Duties of this committee are to schedule any money making projects for the MGs.

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Get in-depth horticultural training and join the Master Gardeners in “helping others learn to grow.”

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Missouri Master Gardeners, use this online system to report your volunteer hours.

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Put your plans, thoughts and results on paper to help ensure successful gardening.