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Budget information was updated January 2024. The budgets will be updated periodically as more information is made available on input costs.

If you have questions, contact David Reinbott, MU Extension agriculture business specialist.

2024 SEMO Crop Budgets (XLS)

2024 SEMO Crop Budgets with Crop Rental Analysis (XLS)

2024 individual crop budgets (Google folder of individual PDFs)

Irrigation Costs and Budgets

Southeast Missouri crop budgets from 2007 to 2020 in PDF.

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Southeast Missouri historical cash basis — 10 year

Southeast Missouri monthly cash barge prices 1978-2021

Southeast Missouri county crop data — 2007–2020
Crop data was updated 12/21/2021. If you have questions, contact David Reinbott, MU Extension agriculture business specialist.

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