Boone County

Mid-Missouri Leadership Academy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our communities have been left with a great deal of uncertainty. However, the demand for trained leaders is one thing that is undeniable. Recent events have further exposed the depth of the racial divide that exists in our communities. The Neighborhood Leadership Academy is looking for passionate individuals from across Missouri to address these issues and improve their communities by becoming emerging leaders.

As we recognize the urgency to continue in community change efforts despite COVID-19, NLA understands the need to keep participants and facilitators healthy and safe while providing exceptional and innovative programming. Therefore, NLA will move to a virtual format this year.

The Neighborhood Leadership Academy will include cohorts from various counties in Missouri.

To be put on our mailing list for the next Neighborhood Leadership Academy, contact Claire Rippel at [email protected]. To recommend someone for the Neighborhood Leadership Academy, please fill out the participant recommendation form (PDF 52KB) and send it to [email protected].