Missouri Feral Hog Elimination Partnership

The MU Feral Hog Extension Project, a collaborative educational program conducted in partnership with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and USDA APHIS-Wildlife Services, promotes the adoption of feral hog eradication efforts on private lands in the state for economic and conservation benefits.

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Feral hogs are one of the most destructive and dangerous invasive species in the United States, causing damage to agricultural crops and woodlands, native habitats and local ecosystems, and they act as vectors of disease that threaten commercial livestock operations. Feral hogs reproduce rapidly and have been expanding their range in Missouri.

A Feral Hog Group, made up of MU Extension Field Specialists and the MDC Feral Hog Strike Team, facilitates and conducts educational and outreach activities, workshops, demonstrations and disseminates research-based information on the benefits of feral hog eradication to landowners and a variety of stakeholders in regions of the state with large feral hog populations. The collaborative effort combines the expertise of MU Extension, MDC, and other partners in conducting educational programs focused on feral hog eradication on private lands in Missouri.


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APHIS Feral Swine Management

Feral swine are the same species, Sus scrofa, as pigs that are found on farms. Feral swine are descendants of escaped or released pigs. Feral swine are called by many names including; wild boar, wild hog, razorback, piney woods rooter, and Russian or Eurasian boar. No matter the name they are a dangerous, destructive, invasive species.

Educator Spotlight: Jerry Richards (PDF)

Catching Up with Jerry Richards, Feral Hog Outreach Specialist in Iron County

Educator Spotlight: Kevin Crider (PDF)

Catching Up with Kevin Crider

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