Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities

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CEC Conference

Join us Sept. 20–21, 2023 in Benton County to learn how to foster community economic development. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates about the conference and registration details.

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Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities

Entrepreneurial communities are those cities, neighborhoods, or townships that are continuously working to develop an environment that fosters entrepreneurship to promote community economic development. They have created networks, cultures, resources, and policies that enable invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship to succeed.

2023 Conference in Lincoln, Cole Camp, and Warsaw, Missouri, Sept 20-21

The Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities (CEC) annual conference is designed for stakeholders, economic developers, businesses, local government, educators, and nonprofits seeking to learn how to create a network that increases a community’s potential for entrepreneurship. With breakout sessions embedded in shops and businesses throughout Benton County, the 2023 conference offers the unique opportunity to learn about and experience an entrepreneurial community.

Whether you work in economic development, business, arts and culture, government, philanthropy, the nonprofit sector, or education, you have an important part to play in supporting local businesses and entrepreneurial development in communities. There is something for everyone!

What people are saying

"This has been a wonderful conference filled with tangible takeaways to put into practice almost immediately in my community. The connections have been invaluable!"

"This has been the best most impactful conference ever! Hosting the seminars in actual businesses was perfect."

"This was an excellent conference very affordable and easy to attend. Wish I could have made it to all of the sessions!"

Bring others with you

Your community is stronger when you work together as a team - we encourage you to invite your coworkers, colleagues, community leaders, entrepreneurs and other local stakeholders.

Communities need entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs need communities to flourish!

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