The Lincoln County Master Gardeners recently helped plant 22 new trees and numerous shrubs at the Lincoln County courthouse in Troy. Although the majestic old trees were beautiful, many had become hazardous. Not only were many at the end of their life spans, but all were stressed due to improper pruning, disease and drought. In fact, disease had made its way to the trunk of one of the trees.

A plan was developed with the guidance of the Missouri Department of Conservation and approved by the county commissioners. A $10,000 grant was awarded to help fund this project.

Lincoln County courthouse master gardeners plan

Group of gardeners removing old shrubs Man digging with a shovel as he plants a tree Group of men and women working on the courthouse grounds

Man planting a tree Group of people working on the grounds with a wheelbarrow Master gardeners planting a tree with the courthouse pillars in the background

The Master Gardeners would like to think:

  • Missouri Department of Conservation Urban Forester Perry Eckhardt, for his instruction and assistance
  • John Eberling of Ameren Missouri, for buying trees and hauling them to the courthouse
  • Don St. Clair of Nelson Tree Service, for his assistance planting the trees and providing everyone with doughnuts
  • Our good friends from the St. Charles Master Gardeners, who donated 11 shrubs to our cause
  • The Lincoln County Jail Second Chance Gang, who made the work go quickly
  • Commissioner Dan Colbert, who was in attendance and worked all day
  • Landscape Architect Tim Frevert, who helped us develop a sustainable landscaping plan

With proper maintenance, the landscaping should add beauty to our county courthouse for many years to come. Our next project will be a teaching garden. More information on that soon!