Ozark Empire Fair Hay Show

The Ozark Empire Fair Hay Show is coming up! Every county has farmers who do a great job putting up high quality hay and this is a chance to get some recognition! The Hay Show gives producers an opportunity to have their hay evaluated, placed in competition, and to be displayed at the Ozark Empire Fair. Each entry consists of at least ten representative bales from a field which were sampled by extension personnel using forage samplers. The samples are chemically analyzed by the Custom Laboratory Inc. in Monett. Beginning in 2017, the lab computes a Relative Forage Quality (RFQ) based on Total Digestible Nutrient (TDN) and Neutral Detergent Fiber to estimate dry matter intake. Final placings are determined using the RFQ with no subjective evaluation. All hay samples need to be taken by an Extension specialist. Call our office at 417-223-4775 to schedule an appointment with a specialist to come collect your sample. The cost is $23 per sample and all entries are due no later than July 17th!


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Don't guess . . . test!

Soil Testing

Soil tests are essential for productive gardens and fields.     

2 cups of soil is required for testing
Fee: $20.00 per soil sample


Hay Testing

Do you know the nutrient value of your hay or are you just guessing? Knowing the nutrient value of your hay supply allows producers to make informed decisions on how much supplemental feed is necessary to meet the nutritional needs of your animals.

Fee: begins at $25.00 per sample for basic hay test.



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