Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
FRTI trains firefighters for propane fires

Flames shoot more than 50 feet in the air from a propane truck as a band of firefighters move slowly toward it. The only thing between them and the fire is a wall of water. Watch the video. Read more

Community and leadership
MU students roll up their sleeves to help those in need

As part of its centennial, MU Extension partnered with Mizzou Alternative Breaks, a group of students who donate weekends, holidays and spring break to go into a community to serve a need. Watch the video. Read more

Watch for burcucumber and toothed spurge in 2015 crops

Farmers should be on the lookout for two emerging weed pests in 2015. Burcucumber could reduce soybean yield as much as 48 percent. The toothed spurge is found in pastures and along roadsides. Read more

Nutrition and health
A healthy diet can help fight winter sniffles

People try many different methods to avoid catching a cold or flu during the winter months. One thing to remember is that simple diet choices can boost our immune system. Read more

A stitch in 4-H time

Jenny Doan joined 4-H and learned to sew and quilt. Decades later, in 2008, she and her husband and children stitched together Missouri Star Quilt Co. of Hamilton. Read more

Lawn and garden
Garden journal and calendar available from MU Extension

There are many steps to creating a beautiful, productive garden. Our new publication helps both beginning and experienced gardeners. Watch the video. Read more

Emergency management
Can the woolly bear caterpillar predict the weather?

The woolly bear caterpillar often called the “weather worm,” is said to predict what Old Man Winter has in store. Folklore says the narrower the reddish-brown band on the caterpillar, the more severe the winter. Read more

Natural resources
Controlling nuisance aquatic vegetation

Aquatic plants are important components of the ecosystem of a pond or lake. Aquatic vegetation provides food and cover for fish and beneficial invertebrates. Read more

Families and relationships
Eating at home benefits families

Busy lifestyles disrupt family time, with 43.1 percent of meals eaten outside of the home in 2012. Studies show that families that eat together reap many benefits. Read more

Home and consumer life
A slice of advice on picking the perfect apple

Not to upset the apple cart, but not all apples are created equal for pie-making. It’s as American as apple pie to ponder which of the 7,500 varieties is the right pick for your fall dessert. Read more

Business and careers
EnCircle Technologies provides marketable skills to autistic youth

EnCircle student Jessica, left, working on a laptop with Teri Walden, co-founder. By any standard, autism is growing alarmingly worldwide and vocational options are few and far between after high school. Read more

Cattle continue to trend higher; hog markets 'yo-yo'

The song remains the same for the cattle market: tight supplies and high prices. Read more

MU Extension offers online Master Gardener training

Enrollment deadline is Jan. 23. Classes begin Feb. 1. Listen to the audio. Read more

New MU Extension specialist to lead St. Louis Storytelling Festival

The free storytelling festival will feature almost 30 culturally diverse storytellers, a youth storytelling concert, faith-based storytelling, ghost stories and family storytelling. Read more

Mindful eating leads to better living

A new way of eating is making its way through the country. It's moving slowly, thoughtfully and mindfully. Read more

Beans are inexpensive, healthy and convenient

Beans are one of the best values around when it comes to the amount of nutrients for your dollar. Read more

MU works to extend shelf life of ground beef

Store lighting plays a role in how long meat retains the bright red color that shoppers favor. After price, consumers consider color when buying meat. Read more

Preventing calf scours

Calf scours, the diarrhea seen during the first 30 days of a calf's life, is caused by a variety of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Read more

January: Birth Defects Prevention Month

Neural tube defects are birth defects that impact the brain and spinal cord; the most common are spina bifida and anencephaly. Read more

The sky's the limit for UAVs in agriculture

The next generation of farmhands might be able to leap over barbed-wire fences and towering cornstalks in a single bound. Read more

Slow cooker heats up winter meals

Your slow cooker can be an economical, timesaving way to feed your family. Listen to the audio. Read more

Vitamin C and colds

Vitamin C is often touted for boosting the immune system. The jury is still out on this claim, but there may be an indirect connection. Listen to the audio. Read more

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