Pork producers step up biosecurity

Guarding against porcine epidemic diarrhea virus takes vigilance and sacrifice. These efforts have kept Missouri numbers lower than national figures. However PEDV remains a major threat to the pork industry. Read more

4-H chick in the classroom project hatches interest in science

For more than five decades, elementary students in Missouri classrooms have flocked around 4-H specialists to learn the science of embryology. This year 1,500 dozen eggs were distributed statewide. Read more

Lawn and garden
Journal your garden

A challenge to gardening is remembering details from year to year. Thanks to From Seed to Harvest and Beyond: Garden Journal and Calendar, gardeners won’t need to rely on their memories any longer. Read more

Emergency management
Basic features of a shelter or safe room

Having a shelter or a safe room built into or near the home can help protect your family from injury or death caused by the dangerous forces of extreme winds. Read more

Nutrition and health
Storing canned foods

Many people have questions about the storage of canned goods. Start with a good quality product. If you are purchasing canned goods, choose those that are not rusted, dented, scratched or bulging. Read more

Natural resources
Attracting bluebirds to your property

Eastern bluebirds are a popular species and recognized as Missouri's state bird. Fortunately these birds can be easily attracted to home and farm landscapes. Read more

Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
Book tells story of former slave who helped found Missouri schools

A new children's book released during Black History Month tells the story of a former slave who helped organize rural schools for blacks in Missouri. Watch the video. Read more

Families and relationships
Spring cleaning with young children

Spring is the time of year for cleaning. Your young children can help with cleaning tasks, especially when they are members of a team that works together. Read more

Home and consumer life
MU meat study looks at how value cuts affect ground chuck

Removing value-added cuts of beef from the chuck increases profits for producers while offering consumers lower-cost, high-quality steaks. The meat that is left over is usually sold as ground chuck. Read more

Community and leadership
'Breast Cancer Dialogues' playing in rural communities

Theater helps us understand life. And few life experiences match the emotional complexities of breast cancer, which affects one of every eight women in the U.S. Watch the video and listen to the audio. Read more

Business and careers
The speed of cannabis legalization caught a lot of America off-guard

Agrisoft saw it coming and launched a seed-to-sale tracking software that keeps cannabis dispensaries, cultivation sites and marijuana-infused products profitable and in compliance with state regulations. Read more

Warm, wet weather can trigger mold growth

Moisture and rising temperatures can turn parts of your home into ideal sites for mold growth. Read more

Heifer sales help owners build herds

Show-Me-Select assures quality genetics and management. The heifers are sold guaranteed bred. Read more

Are Those Weeds Worthy of Treatment?

Here are a few highlights of our most common weeds infesting wheat in Missouri. Read more

Creditor or predator: How to tell the difference

If you need a loan, payday loans and pawnshops should be your last choice. Read more

STEM Initiative invites applications for mini-grant funding

The Missouri Girls Collaborative STEM Initiative, part of the National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP), invites applications for its spring 2014 mini-grant funding opportunity. Read more

Want to fix your credit?

There's only one way. Pay your bills. You can fix your credit rating, but it takes time, effort and sticking to a debt repayment plan. Read more

Evidenced-based nursing bridges research and practice

The goal of evidence-based practice is to take information from the best research and resolve problems that the nurse sees in the clinical setting. Read more

Identity theft prevention: Should you freeze your credit reports?

Unless you live in a bubble, it is hard to totally prevent identity theft. Read more

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