Lawn and garden
Brown patch lawn disease could erupt in yards this summer

This fungal disease of turfgrass loves heat and moisture. As the name implies, it shows up as a brown patch of grass. It kind of tricks the homeowner into providing what it needs.  Listen to the audio. Read more

Natural resources
The noise, noise, noise, noise

This could be a noisy summer. A brood of 17-year periodical cicadas will emerge in northwestern Missouri, and a brood of 13-year periodical cicadas will surface in southeastern Missouri. Read more

Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
MU FRTI's mobile grain bin simulator trains firefighters

If you don't work on a farm, a bin full of grain may not look dangerous. But farmworkers who go inside grain bins can quickly find themselves literally in over their heads. Watch the video. Read more

Community and leadership
Storyteller brings black history to life

Storyteller Bobby Norfolk celebrates Black History Month every month. He brings to life stories that relate to social justice in a way that is entertaining for all ages. Read more

Nitrogen timing critical in wet years

Saturated cornfields across northern Missouri show pale green or yellow leaves, especially in low-lying areas. But they green up quickly when farmers apply nitrogen. Read more

Nutrition and health
Berries pack a healthful punch

It’s no secret that berries are a healthy. They may become even more appealing as new research indicates that eating berries could stave off the cognitive decline and memory loss that comes with aging. Read more

Franklin County 4-H'er elected state president

Laura Bardot, a sophomore at MU, hails from Lonedell, a Franklin County town so small that it doesn’t have its own population sign. She studies science and agricultural journalism and animal sciences. Read more

Emergency management
Be prepared for flooded roads

Flooding is a potential threat in many parts of Missouri. And even if your house is not in a flood plain, you may drive through one on your way home.Never try to drive through moving water. Read more

Families and relationships
A new kind of love: Living apart together

Retirees Joyce Huber and Bob Dolliver are among the growing number of adults who are in committed relationships but live apart. They’re known as LATs, which stands for living apart together. Watch the video. Read more

Home and consumer life
Importance of personal financial planning for college graduates

Unfortunately, financial literacy in the United States is not widespread. Most high school students fail a personal finance exam and college students score just 62 percent. Read more

Business and careers
BK Bakery changes attitude and keeps it simple

Doughnuts, that’s what the market wants. If 100 people walk in and see we don’t have what they want, they walk out. If I don’t embrace what the market wants, I am counting my days, says owner, Brandon Kelley. Read more

Flood-related resources from MU Extension

University of Missouri Extension has resources to help you and your family prepare for and recover from floods and other weather-related emergencies. Read more

July gardening calendar

Keep weeds from making seeds. This will mean less weeding next year. Read more

4th of July dark chocolate cupcakes

Try these healthier but delicious cupcakes for your 4th of July festivities. Read more

First aid for leaky basements

Water takes the path of least resistance. If you've got a small crack, water will find it and make it bigger. Read more

Dairy revitalization is topic for MU Breimyer Seminar, July 13

More farms with more cows would boost milk production. That could help retain dairy processing and services infrastructure. Revitalization could add to the state's economic development. Read more

Youth business camp set for July 12-16 on MU campus

Build-a-Business participants come from as far away as California, Texas and the country of Jordan to learn from other young entrepreneurs. Read more

Summer visitation: Make the transition smooth

School is out and divorced/separated parents are making plans and preparing for their children's summer visitation. Read more

Kids, cows and camp

With an aging population of farmers and producers, preparing agriculture's next generation is more important than ever. Watch the video. Read more

Wet weather woes

When excessive rainfall occurs, soil pores that had been filled with air suddenly become filled with water. Read more

Be prepared for flooded roads

Even if your house is not in a flood plain, you may drive through one on your way home. Read more

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