Beef and Forage Tour - September 17, 2016 (PDF)
The tour will include 3 stops.  Those attending will see cow-calf and stocker operations.  Corrals and working chutes, Ammoniation of Fescue and more.

Misssouri Steer Feedout Finale Review - 2016

State Fair Farm Family

The Jay and Crystal Shepherd family and their children Cade and Camyrn were selected by the Lawrence County Extension Council as the State Fair Farm Family for 2016.  The annual event is sponsored by five partner agencies, including the Missouri Farm Bureau, the Missouri Department of Agriculture, the Missouri State Fair and Commissioners, the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, and University of Missouri Extension.

Extension Council Officers Elected - 2016

Seated left to right:  Danny Bowling, treasurer & Jeanne Jones, secretary
Standing left to right:  Karl Wilke, chairman & Jack Gilliam, vice-chairman

Southwest Center Grazing School (PDF) - A three-day seminar on management-intensive grazing applicable to all types of livestock.  Completion of this school may help qualify you for cot-share programs at your local NRCS office.

Soil Testing Time
Now is a good time to test your soil and find out what it needs for growing season. Cost is $15.00 per sample.  

Newsletters and info

Beef Newsletter

Production and management tips for beef producers:
November 2016 (PDF)       Beef Newsletter Survey - 2016
October 2016 (PDF)
September 2016 (PDF)   
August 2016 (PDF)          Southwest Center Field Day
July 2016 (PDF)
June 2016 (PDF)             Steer Feedout Finale Flyer
May 2016 (PDF)
April 2016 (PDF)
March 2016 (PDF)           Alfalfa In The Ozarks Tour (PDF)
February 2016 (PDF)      Bull Soundness Exams(PDF)        SW Center Grazing School(PDF)
January 2016 (PDF)        Monett Beef Cattlemen's Conference (PDF)

Missouri Steer Feedout 2016-17
Feedout Brochure - 2016-17 (PDF)
Feedout Entry Form

4-H Newsletter - Clover Connection

Monthly newsletter for 4-H Families in Lawrence, Dade and Greene Counties:
December 2016 (PDF)
November 2016 (PDF)
October 2016 (PDF)            Regional Barnwarming (PDF)
September 2016 (PDF)       Dixie Stampede (PDF)
August 2016 (PDF)             Dixie Stampede (PDF)
July 2016 (PDF)
May 2016 (PDF)                 Sportfishing Day (PDF)
April 2016 (PDF)                Rabbit Workshop (PDF)
March 2016 (PDF)              RATT Trip 2016 (PDF)
February 2016 (PDF)
January 2016 (PDF)          MBB 2016             Bright & Bold 2016

4-H Dairy Cow Camp - 2016

Other popular MU Extension publications
MU Extension publication G427, 2011 Cash Rental Rates in Missouri
MU Extension publication G302, 2012 Custom Rates for Farm Services in Missouri
MU Extension publication G6201, Vegetable Planting Calendar