Soil Health Workshop

An advanced soil health workshop will be held in Edina, MO on Monday, August 18. The workshop will be conducted by soil scientists from the University of Missouri and the USDA-Agricultural Research Service and USDA-NRCS. Topics to be covered include integration of livestock and cover crops, rotational grazing effects on soil health, developing cover crop mixes and adjusting rotations to utilize cover crops, soil health testing benefits and procedures, cost to benefit ratios of management practices to improve soil health, farming to improve organic matter and soil water retention and improving crop nutrient availability through improvement of soil health. Find more information and get the flyer/registration form at

Show-Me Market Showdown

Farmers, ag professionals, and other interested parties are invited to compete in the Show-Me Market Showdown. This is an online grain marketing game where players compete by making virtual grain marketing transactions. For more information, check out the brochure here (PDF).


Century Farms

Has your farm been in the family for 100+ years?  If so, you are eligible to register for a Century Farm.  Please contact the Knox County Extension Office for more information!