Upcoming Highlights & Event Results

Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Sale - November 15 (PDF)

Missouri Steer Feedout - 2019-20 Brochure (PDF)               Feedout Entry Form - Due October 10

Ozark Empire Fair Hay Show Booklet (PDF) - Results of the 2019 OEF Hay Show

Feedout Finale 2018-19 (PDF) A slide show of steer performance from the 2018-19 Missouri Steer Feedout
Comparison Chart from 2018-19 Feedout (PDF)  How Do Your Feeder Cattle Compare

Steer Feedout 2018-19 Entries & Buyer's Comments (PDF)

Beef Newsletter

Production and management tips for beef producers 

October 2019 (PDF)      Beef Cattle Workshop: Heifer Selection& Development (PDF)
September 2019 (PDF)
August 2019 (PDF)           SW MO Cattlemen's Tour Flyer - Sept 21, 2019 
July 2019 (PDF)

4-H Newsletter - Clover Connection

Monthly newsletter for 4-H Families in Lawrence, Dade and Greene Counties:

November 2019 (PDF)
October 2019 (PDF)
September 2019 (PDF)               Dixie Stampede (PDF)              Bright and Bold (PDF)
August 2019 (PDF)

Monthly Gardening Calendar - 2019

August 2019

Soil Testing Time
Now is a good time to test your soil and find out what it needs for growing season. Cost is $18.00 per sample.  

Other popular MU Extension publications
MU Extension publication G6201, Vegetable Planting Calendar