Newly Elected Extension Council Members

The University of Missouri Extension Council of Johnson County recently held an election to select council members to serve two year terms.  Newly elected council members include:

Allison Bolt                Northwest District

Monique Eames          Northeast District

Kelly Fleming             Southeast District

Trina Anstine             Southwest District

Erin Elliott                 Southwest District

Sofia Metcalf              City of Warrensburg

Amy Kephart               South Half of Johnson County

New members will begin their term on March 1, 2017.  Council membership is open to all citizens through the election process as established by Missouri law.  They provide oversight and guidance for all University of Missouri Extension programs conducted in Johnson County, including agriculture, 4-H and youth programs, community development, human environmental sciences, and others.  University of Missouri Extension brings the resources of the University to the people of Johnson County.  The Extension Center is located at 135 West Market in Warrensburg.  For further information call 660-747-3193.  

Soil Testing

Basic soil testing analyzes nutrient content and fertility status. Results include fertilizer and lime recommendations. Additional tests are available for nutrient management plans, environmental issues, potting mixes, compost, manure and water usage. Each sample should contain about 1½ cups of dry soil from 6 to 7 inches deep. Consult our soil testing publications for specific instructions. Results are typically provided within two weeks.

There is a $15 per sample fee for testing soil. Results are normally returned within two weeks. Soil samples should be dry. Wet samples will delay results.

Five Saving Tips

As the price of food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare, hobbies and vacations continue to rise, is it possible for budget-conscious parents to save money without making dramatic changes - without doing a complete lifestyle overhaul? As it happens, small sacrifices go a long way, and can make a big difference.

Here are 5 ways to save money. And they require practically zero effort. Click here for Dedra Thomas' article.