Gardener training program begins Feb. 23, 2016

Would you like to know what disease might be attacking your plants, what insect is destroying your favorite ornamental, how to grow vegetables for your family or what kind of trees are growing in your yard?  These are just a few things you could learn in a Master Gardener course. 

The class sessions will be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons through the first part of April. If you are interested in participating, please complete and return the application found here.

A person who wishes to become a Master Gardener is required to attend 30 hours of training, and agree to return 30 hours of volunteer service during the following year.  Enrollment is limited and there is a fee to cover the costs of the program and materials.

Jasper County University of Missouri Extension has conducted a Missouri Master Gardener program since 1992.  Trained Master Gardeners assist Extension specialists in providing unbiased educational information about various aspects of horticulture to the public.  Since 1992, over 470 people have taken the course here in Jasper County.  Several of these are very active in conducting community projects, providing educational programs and other horticultural/gardening activities.

Private Pesticide Applicator training Feb. 17

Missouri law requires all purchasers and users of “Restricted-Use” pesticides to attend one training session to be certified for a private applicators license.  This training is also open to producers of agricultural commodities who have not been certified or have let their license expire.  If you have a current version of the Private Pesticide Applicator reference manual, bring it with you; otherwise you will be required to purchase a manual for $15.00.

 The license is valid for five years from the time of issuance.  If your license doesn’t expire until later in the year, you can still renew it now and the duration of the license will extend for five more years from the time you take the class.

Please call the Jasper County Extension Office at 417-358-2158 to register by Friday, February 12.

Missouri State Fair Farm Family

The 57th Annual Farm Family Day was celebrated Monday, Aug. 17 at the Missouri State Fair. Clint and Mercedes Wilkerson were selected as the Jasper County Missouri State Fair Farm Family by the Jasper County Extension Council and local Farm Bureau. Each year, the fair sets aside a day to recognize farm families from across the state who are active in their community, involved in agriculture and participate in local outreach and extension programs such as 4-H and FFA.

The annual event was sponsored by the Missouri Department of Agriculture, the Missouri Farm Bureau, the Missouri State Fair, the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, and University of Missouri Extension.

Shown in the photo with the Wilkersons: Destiny Reed, 2015 State Fair Queen; Darryl Chatman, Deputy Director Missouri State Fair; Dr. Thomas Henderson, Interim Vice Provost, Interim Director University of Missouri Extension; Dr. Jack Magruder, State Fair Commission; Lowell Mohler, Chair State Fair Commission; Barbara Hayden, State Fair Commission.

Don't guess . . . Soil test!

Soil tests are essential for productive gardens and fields.  For more information...
Soil testing publications   
Fee: $15 per soil sample

Using Social Media in a Disaster

A unique publication that gives best practices and suggestions for using social media in a community following a disaster. Information and provided guidelines in this updated 30-page publication grew out of the first-hand experience of volunteers Rebecca and Genevieve Williams and MU Extension specialist David Burton had building a Facebook community following the Joplin (2011) tornado and the Branson (2012) tornado. The Use of Social Media for Disaster Recovery (PDF)