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Upcoming Nutrition and Health Education Courses

For more information or to register, contact Angie Lanigan at lanigana@missouri.edu or at 816-482-5850.

Quality for Keeps:  Food Preservation

Each workshop will vary, but content will focus on one or more of these topics: preservation method to use for highest quality and safety in home preserved foods; solutions to common canning, freezing and dehydration problems; Hands-on experience with new recipes and sources of the latest research—each workshop will feature different processes and use different produce (chosen by availability). Information Flyer

Location: UM Extension Office, 105 E.5th St., Kansas City, MO 64106

Thursday, July 24, 6-8 p.m. Making Fantastic Jams & Jellies
Thursday, August 28, 6-8 p.m. Pickling Vegetables & Fruits
Thursday, September 18, 6-8 p.m. Pressure Canning Summer Produce
Classes are $20 each. Contact Angie Lanigan, lanigana@missouri.edu or Karen Elliott, elliottk@missouri.edu or 816-482-5850

Location: Raytown Christian Church, 6108 Blue Ridge Blvd., Raytown, MO 64133 in partnership with Raytown Farmer's Market

Monday, August 25, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Pickling Vegetables & Fruits

Classes are $20 each. Contact Angie Lanigan, lanigana@missouri.edu or Karen Elliott, elliottk@missouri.edu or 816-482-5850

Healthy Food Demonstrations and Tastings all Summer!

If you need new, simple and delicious recipes to enjoy summer produce, look for University of Missouri Extension at a Farmers’ Market near you!   University of Missouri Extension and Kansas State University Research and Extension employees and volunteers will be at many metro area markets with cooking demonstrations and tastings.  Recipes and consumer resources about produce selection, storage, and preparation are also available.  Click here for a summer calendar.  In addition, we’ll be at the City Market  Farm to Table kitchen and inside the Jackson County Extension office in River Market the first and third Saturdays of every month until October 4th!  Healthy Food Flyer For more information contact Angie Lanigan, Nutrition and Health Specialist at lanigana@missouri.edu  or Rachel Gordon, Family Nutrition Education Program Project Director at gordonra@missouri.edu.


The Early Childhood Educator’s Conference

Will be held from 7:30am to 3:00pm on Saturday, September 13, 2014at the Woods Chapel United Methodist Church (4725 NE Lakewood Way, Lee’s Summit, MO). The conference will help early childhood educators, child care providers, and parent educators provide quality early care and education for young children and families.  The workshop topics include -

·         Cultural Diversity Competency for Early Childhood Educators
·         Activities to Teach Diversity to Children
·         Supporting a Child with Needs in the Classroom
·         Nature Immersion in the Classroom
·         Nutrition 101 – Helping Kids Grow Up
·         Applying Math Skills to the Early Years
·         Effects of Domestic Violence on Childhood Development
·         Moving and Learning in Child Care
·         Understanding Right Brain Visual Learners in the Left Brain World
·         Learning with Natural Resources

Participants will receive 6 clock hours of training upon completion.  Registration fee is $50 per person by September 5.  Continental breakfast and lunch are included in the registration fee.   Pre-registration is required. For more information, contact the University of Missouri Extension office at 816-252-5051. Information/Registration Flyer

Human Development

University of Missouri Extension provides educational programs on high-priority issues identified by Missourians.  In order to meet the needs of individuals and families, the following educational programs are available to help develop skills and strengthen the quality of family life. Human Development Program Brochure (PDF)

Tai Chi for Arthritis

Tai Chi for Arthritis helps improve flexibility and muscle strength, increase heart/lung activity, align posture, improve balance, and integrate the mind and body.  The Tai Chi for Arthritis program is shown by scientific study to be effective to improve pain, quality of life, and balance.  Almost anyone with or without arthritis, and with almost any physical condition, can learn this program to improve health and quality of life.  It is an easy, safe, effective exercise and supported by many arthritis foundations including the USA. Tai Chi for Arthritis Flyer (PDF)

Tai Chi for Health

Tai Chi for Health is easy to learn for relaxation, strengthening mind and body, and improving health and fitness.  The gentle movements of Tai Chi have been shown to improve coordination, balance, flexibility, muscle strength, and posture. Tai Chi for Health helps create a sense of well-being while facilitating mind/body awareness and reducing stress. Tai Chi for Health Flyer (PDF)

Eating From the Garden

Eating From the Garden's nutrition and gardening program has reached more than 2,500 Jackson County fourth and fifth graders in the past three years. Assisted by 40 adult volunteers, students plant and maintain outdoor vegetable gardens; taste new foods; and participate in nutrition, plant science and environmental awareness lessons. Last year, the program added chef demonstrations in the classroom and developed an EFTG pilot curriculum for second-grade students. Call the extension center for more information on this program and current activities. http://missourifamilies.org/eatfromgarden/

Nutrition Education Resource Center

Jackson County Extension received a $35,000 grant from the Health Care Foundation of Kansas City to develop a nutrition education center in our new offices in the River Market area.  The new center will allow us to provide hands-on nutrition and food preservation classes to encourage the community to eat healthy and be more active.  It will be a great opportunity for us to partner with the City Market to promote the consumption of local, fresh fruits and vegetables. Karen Elliott