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2015 Gasconade County Annual Report

Gasconade County has a strong tradition of support for the programs of University of Missouri Extension, and local partnerships are vital to our success. As you review this annual report, we want to recognize the many contributions of volunteers, county leaders, local organizations and businesses that make these accomplishments possible.

2015 Gasconade County Century Farms

Century Farm signs and certificates were presented to the following during our annual Extension Council Picnic/4-H Recognition on November 18, 2015.

  • Dave and Larkin Busby Farm - established in 1865 by C. P. Anderson, great-great-grandfather to Dave
  • Warren Grass Farm - established in 1850 by Anton Grass, great-grandfather to Warren
  • Charles and Charlotte Skornia Farm - established in 1910 by Peter and Matilda Skornia Scego, great-aunt to Charles

Popular extension publications

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Soil testing

Don’t guess. Soil tests save time and money.

Soil testing is the best guide to the wise and efficient use of fertilizer and soil amendments, said Manjula Nathan, director of the University of Missouri Extension Soil Testing and Plant Diagnostic Services.

Whether you grow acres of row crops or have a vegetable patch in the backyard, a soil test will provide you with an analysis of nutrients and a set of recommendations for any improvements.

Soil testing can be done through the extension office. The cost is $15 per sample with results received in about two weeks. Soil testing publications

Private pesticide training

If you need to be certified or recertified, call the extension office at 573-437-2165 to schedule a time to view the video. Individuals are required to have a Private Pesticide Applicator Reference Manual. Bring your copy for verification or purchase one for $12 at the extension office.