Food Preservation Camp on May 16, 2015

The “Food Preservation Camp” at the Greenfield High School FACS room on Saturday, May 16 will provide classroom instruction on the basics of home food preservation with an emphasis on safety. Participants that enroll for the camp ($80 per person, full day or $20 per person per class) will spend the entire day in sessions learning about pressure canning, dehydrating food, making salsa, pickling, and jams and jellies.  Class members will receive University of Missouri Extension guides on basic food preservation and canning. A University of Missouri Extension nutrition specialist will be the instructor for the class and will use research-based curriculum to teach the most up-to-date methods of food preservation. Instruction will be hands-on, lecture, and Q&A. Class members will take home jars of canned produce. Lunch is provided. Call 417-637-2112 to register, hurry limited space available.   Food Preservation Registration Form (PDF)

Missouri 4-H Meat & Dairy Goat Camp

Meat & Dairy Goat Camp Application (PDF)

28 Farms in Southwest Missouri Named Century Farms

The Missouri Century Farm Program annually recognizes Missouri farms that are still productive and have been in the same family for 100 years or more. The newest additions to the Century Farm list were announced in mid-July and included 28 farms in southwest Missouri.  A complete listing of all 2014 Missouri Century Farms, including the names of all honored families, is available online at  A listing specific to southwest Missouri can be found at  The following is a list of new Century Farms in southwest Missouri, showing the primary contact for the Century Farm nomination, original owners, relationship to current owners, the acreage qualifying and the year it was first farmed by the family:  Dade County: M Louise Rush, Elwood and Agnes Rush, grandparents, 240, 1897.  2014 Century Farm publication 

Don't guess....Soil test!

Soil tests are essential for productive gardens and fields.  Fee: $15 per soil sample.  Learn more: Soil testing publications   

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