MU Extension Assisting with Farm Bill

To decide which farm bill option to choose (PLC, PLC+SCO or ARC-Co), fill out the decision aid guide at : The information entry is the most time consuming piece of this decision; enter information as far ahead of time as you wish, then click one button to update options and decide which farm bill program you would like to choose before going into the FSA office.  If you want help please fill out the following worksheet and call your local extension office to get in touch with an ag business specialist who can help you enter your information into the web tool.  Data Requirements.pdf

January 30th - Final date to apply for 2011 through 2014 losses under the Livestock Forage Disaster Program and Livestock Indemnity Program.  February 27th extended to March 31st - Deadline for base acre reallocation and yield updates for ARC and PLC program.  March 31st - Final date to make ARC/PLC Election for farm.

Missouri 4-H Meat & Dairy Goat Camp

Meat & Dairy Goat Camp Application (PDF)

I Heart MU Extension 5k Walk/Fun Run Race Results     

The Dade County MU Extension held its second “I Heart MU Extension” 5k/1mi run in Lockwood on Saturday, February 28, 2015. Fourteen daring runners/walkers came out to brave the snowy elements. Lane Hankins won 1st place in the 5k with a time of 20:20 minutes; 2nd- Brendan Kelley; 3rd- Warren Wisner; 4th- Paul Chambers; 5th- Brent Green; 6th- Ron Marsh; 7th- Keith Hankins; 8th- Louis Kleeman; 1st place female, Cheryl Shores- 24:01 minutes; 2nd- Clea Kleeman; 3rd- Brenda Barger-Saunders. One mile participants: Brenda Green, Patricia Bair and Jolene Daniel.A specially Thank You to our sponsors (Greenfield Pharmacy, Greenfield Family Medical, Greenfield CMH, Lockwood Packing Company, Mary Kay, That Place, Missouri Beef Council and Lamar Walmart) and our Extension volunteers; we couldn’t have made this race “run” without you! Thank you runners/walkers for joining us to raise money for the Dade County MU Extension; the funds will be used to provide relevant, reliable, research-based programs to the citizens of Dade County. MU Extension covers 5 main areas- agriculture, human environmental sciences (4-H, health, nutrition, family finances), business and community development and continuing education (Law Enforcement Training Institute, Fire and Rescue Training Institute). Call the Dade County MU Extension office at 417-637-2112; “Your one-stop for research-based information from topics A-Z”.  2015 I Heart MU Extension Race Results

28 Farms in Southwest Missouri Named Century Farms

The Missouri Century Farm Program annually recognizes Missouri farms that are still productive and have been in the same family for 100 years or more. The newest additions to the Century Farm list were announced in mid-July and included 28 farms in southwest Missouri.  A complete listing of all 2014 Missouri Century Farms, including the names of all honored families, is available online at  A listing specific to southwest Missouri can be found at  The following is a list of new Century Farms in southwest Missouri, showing the primary contact for the Century Farm nomination, original owners, relationship to current owners, the acreage qualifying and the year it was first farmed by the family:  Dade County: M Louise Rush, Elwood and Agnes Rush, grandparents, 240, 1897.  2014 Century Farm publication 

Don't guess....Soil test!

Soil tests are essential for productive gardens and fields.  Fee: $15 per soil sample.  Learn more: Soil testing publications   

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