Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?

What happens to your personal belongings when you die?  What is fair?  What is equal?  Dollar value?  Number of items?  To answer your questions related to distributing your personal property, plan to participate in the "Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?" workshop.  This workshop is brought to you by the UM Extension and will be held on Monday, June 29, 2015 from 10 a.m. to Noon at the Tipton United Methodist Church at 204 Highway 50 E, Tipton. 

This is a free workshop, but registration is required.  Registration deadline is Thursday, June 25, 2015.  This workshop is sponsored by the Moniteau County Extension Council.  For more information or to register, please call 573-346-2644.

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate flyer (PDF)

An additional workshop will be held on Monday, June 29, 2015 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Morgan County Extension Center, Morgan County Courthouse, 100 E. Newton Street, 4th Floor, Versailles, MO.  For more information or to register, please call 573-378-5358.

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate flyer (PDF)

An additional workshop will be held on Thursday, July 16, 2015 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 pm at the Laclede County Extension Center, 186-D North Adams Avenue, Lebanon, MO.  For more information or to register, please call 417-532-7126. 

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate flyer (PDF)

Take Control of Your Finances workshop

Free workshops to help you keep control of family finances while you are laid off are available at Missouri Career Centers, statewide.  Managing and budgeting your bills and your money until an new job opportunity appears is less stressful when you have a plan. 

Topics include: 

  • How to track your spending and how to develop a budget
  • How to cut expenses
  • HOPE NOW morgage services that can help you keep ownership of your home
  • How to prioritize debts and how to maintain good relations with creditors
  • Understanding health insurance coverage options
  • How to avoid debt and credit scams that target uemployed victims
  • How to identify resources in your community that can help you save money

Learning more about these topics will help relieve financial strain on you and your family while you are unemployed or underemployed.

This free workshop will by taught by UM Extension Family Financial Education Specialist, Dr. Rebecca Travnichek.  The workshop will be held on Thursday, July 9, 2015 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 am at the Linn Creek Career Center, 204 Business Park Road, Linn Creek.  For more information or to register, please call 573-346-1766.

Take Control of Your Finances flyer (PDF)

Cooking Matters for Adults program

UM Extension Camden County and Osage Beach Hy-Vee will be partnering to offer the Cooking Matters for Adults program.  Learn how to prepare healthy, delicious meals and stretch your food dollars from trained nutrition professionals.  Topics covered in the class include:

  • Cooking tips and techniques.
  • Tips for proper food safety, storage and sanitation.
  • Nutrition information to keep your family healthy.
  • Budgeting - Stretch your food dollars and maximize your resources.
  • Tips to get your family to try new foods.
  • Shopping healthfully on a limited budget.

The six-session program will be held at Osage Beach Hy-Vee Club Room on Mondays and Tuesdays, July 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  The class includes six lessons featuring hands-on learning, group discussion with instructors and recipe preparation and tasting.  Each participant will be provided a bag of FREE groceries for one of the lesson's recipes each week to prepare at home.  Participants also receive a graduation certificate, recipe book and other freebies upon completion tf the program.

Class size is limited to the first 15 participants, so sign up now!  There is no charge for the class, but registration is required.  Please call the UM Extension Camden County office at 573-346-2644 or email camdenco@missouri.edu to register.  You must commit to attend the entire course.

Does Cooking Matter to You? flyer (PDF)

Soil testing

Don't guess.  Soil tests save time and money.  Soil testing is the best guide to the wise and efficient use of fertilizer and soil amendments, said Manjula Nathan, director of the University of Missouri Extension Soil Testing and Plant Diagnostic Services.  Whether you grow acres of row crops or have a vegetable patch in the backyard, a soil test will provide you with an analysis of nutrients and a set of recommendations for any improvements.

"We frequently get questions from customers like, 'I apply fertilizer every year. How come my plants are not doing well?" Nathan said.

"Most of the time the problem is they never have done a soil test, but have been guessing on fertilizer requirements," she said. "They do not realize that by guessing they are wasting money by over- or under application, and the excess fertilizer can end up in streams, ponds and underground water, polluting the environment."

Soil testing provides analysis of pH, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, organic matter percent, neutralizable acidity, cation exchange capacity and nutrient requirements.  For information on test results, see MU publication G9112, Interpreting Missouri Soil Test Reports. Regional specialists also can assist you with additional information and recommendations. Soil testing can be done through the extension office. See Services for details.

Soil testing brochure (PDF)