Boost Your Brain Class

The University of Missouri Extension in Boone County is offering a Boost Your Brain & Memory: Brain Fitness Class. Just as you can control and improve your general physical health with good habits, so too can you improve the health of your brain—boosting your memory and mental agility, as well as reducing your risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementias.

You can boost your brain health by focusing on healthy habits in six areas: heart health, nutrition, physical activity, social engagement, cognitive engagement, and stress management.

The class uses a whole-person approach that helps you form new habits to live a healthier lifestyle, remember things better, be more organized, pay closer attention, and regulate your emotions. Each participant will receive a workbook including memory exercises, tips on nutrition and exercise, and summaries of evidence-based research on brain health. Our aim is to help participants implement new habits to maintain cognitive health while also practicing new skills for better memory.

The workshop will meet on seven consecutive Fridays, starting January 12th through February 23rd, in the Boone County Extension Office conference room located at 1012 N Highway UU in Columbia, MO from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. 

The workshop has a registration fee of $40 and is open to any and all participants.
To register, call the Boone County Extension Office at (573) 445-9792.

Missouri's Complex Fence Law

Pre-registration is required. $15 per person to attend then $5 for each additional family member. Missouri continues to have a very complicated fence law, in arge part due to the fact that two separate laws cover the state. Topics will include: State law changes, comparison of both laws, defining a legal fence, which landowner(s) pay for construction and repairs, who is responsible for what portion of the fence, disuptes, and much, much more. To register, call 660-269-9656. (PDF Flyer)

2018 Soils & Crops Conference
(Randolph County but open to all)

This free class will be held Wednesday, January 24, 2018 from 8:30AM-2:00PM at the Lion's Den in Cairo. To register, please call 660-269-9656.
To receive lunch, you must register by January 22nd. (PDF Flyer)

SkillUP Program Comes to Columbia
December 13

The SkillUP Program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). The SkillUP program offers SNAP recipients in Missouri the opportunity to gain skills, training, work experience or a combination of all three. SkillUP is offered at no cost to the participant and helps promote employability and self-sufficiency. A SkillUP Associate will be partnered with the participant thru every step of the program. 

SkillUP offers a variety of services to participants based on an Individual Employment and educational Plan, which is created between the participant and SkillUP staff. These services include:

  • Staff Assisted Job Search
  • Job Search Training
  • Work-Based Learning
  • Vocational Training
  • Education
  • Supportive Services

Boone County will host the SkillUP program on a regular basis at the Boone County Extension Office and at the Family Impact Center here in Columbia. This flyer explains the SkillUP program and includes dates/times for each session. The classes are mainly from the Tackling the Tough Skills Curriculum with some additions from the Transitions Curriculum (soft skill job training). 

These FREE classes are open to any and all residents. If you are interested or need more information, please contact Sarah Traub at 660-882-5661, or by email at

Additional information:  855-278-0354 or visit

Exceptional Extension

Extension can be so much more than expected! The link below will take you to an article in Successful Farming that will highlight 10 exceptional extension specialists, including our very own Kent Shannon. In this article, we find many different ways extension has helped the agriculture community in exceptional ways, from offering an Academy of Math and Science to the tribal communities in Minnesota to flying drones over crops to gather pertinent information for crop yields, and everything in between. Check out the article below and find out more about what's happening in the world of agriculture. 

Mid-Missouri Grazing Conference

Saturday, January 27, 2018
8:30 am -3 pm

St Martins Knight of Columbus
537 Route T
Jefferson City, MO 

Morning Break-out Topics:

  • Herbicide Options for Pasture Weed Control
  • Rotational Grazing 101
  • Fescue and Herd Management 
  • Small Ruminants 101
  • Grazing Livestock on Native Grasses

Keynote Speaker: Ashley McCarty
Topic: "Agriculture Advocacy"
1-2 pm

Come SEE the Trade Show Beginning at 8:30 am

Advanced registration due by January 19, 2018
            $30 individual (non-refundable)
            $40 at the door
            (Includes lunch and refreshments)

For more information: Ed Gillmore ( or
Peggy Lemons ( at 573-893-5188 ext 3.

(Flyer & registration form in pdf format)

Free Classes for Entrepreneurs

The National Science Foundation’s I-Corps program will offer free classes for Missouri entrepreneurs at multiple locations, and on several dates, beginning in August. Content will cover numerous topics including how to get products to market, how to address supply chains, how to secure micro grants for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) related projects, and how to collect feedback from customers. Open discussion allows attendees to ask relevant questions about their businesses and products.

The classes are being offered at NO COST to entrepreneurs, faculty, students (college level classes or above) and community members. Participants are not required to have previous experience in business or entrepreneurship.

Final class date, location, and contact: 

Additional information may be found at:

Need Help with Your Lawn and Garden, Trees, or Bushes?

The Master Gardeners of Cole County staff our gardening hotline and can be reached by calling the hotline at 573-634-2824, Tuesday and Friday afternoons, 12:30-4:30, or you can email your question(s) and pictures at any time to If you need immediate help, feel free to contact the Greene County Master Gardener hotline directly at 417- 874-2963.

Planting Guide: First time gardeners and seasoned professionals can benefit from the “Vegetable Planting Calendar” guide. Read story.

Soil Test: Bring in your soil and make sure you don't waste money on your lawn, garden or field. Soil Test Brochure (PDF). For more information, including a video on how to collect a sample, see "Soil Test Central."

Private Pesticide Applicator Training

Farmers and ranchers who need to use "restricted use" pesticides in their operations need to have a license to purchase those products. The Boone County Extension Center offers you the opportunity to obtain or renew your private pesticide applicator license for only $12. To schedule your training, please contact us at (573) 445-9792 or by email at

Support Local Extension Programming With Your Gift

For over 60 years, Boone County Extension has served its community by offering programs that help its citizens create a better life. These programs include but are not limited to: agriculture, health and nutrition, community and leadership development, natural resources, business development, family finances, horticulture, even housing and energy management. Our current ongoing programs include 4-H, Master Naturalists and Master Gardeners.

Over the past several years, our funding has been dramatically reduced. The MCES Endowment is designed to provide program support for all Boone County Extension Specialists by way of office support, supplies and equipment, so they can continue delivering quality education. Now you can give directly to this endowment by following the MCES Endowment link below.

The Boone County Extension office is housed on the former Schotte Farm, a gift of the late Frank Graham. Now you can give directly to the Frank Graham Endowment, which will go towards the upkeep of the building and grounds. Click on our "donate" button on the left, or follow the Frank Graham Building Endowment link below.

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